• suzytheexplorer

Wheal Rodney Holiday Park in Marazion

This place is just so brilliant. We found it randomly on Google Maps during our road trip and just drove there. We couldn't believe what a jackpot we had found when we got there. It's not a huge site but there had some caravans, chalets, bell tents and a field for camping.

To camp in a tent was £20 a night which I thought was great as we had some lovely views and it was quiet. Unfortunately, there was storm that kept us up most of the night so when we got back from our adventures the next day, I asked the lady on reception if there was any chance we could work out a deal for a night in one of the bell tents. She had a look on the system for reservations and we worked out a deal for us to have a bell tent that we were both happy with.

The bell tent was amazing! The actually tent was lovely and spacious with a big double bed, bedside table, extension lead, fridge, little table, plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery. Outside the tent, we had our own little private area with a bench on a grassy lawn and a patio area with a gas BBQ and a table with chairs. It was also fenced in with a gate to get in and out so it was very private.

I know it sounds silly but I woke up in the middle night and found it so odd to be in a bed in a tent, I was all wrapped up in a quilt but I was still cold. I think that it was because it had all of the hotel features but it was outside haha.

Anyway, I would stay in one again, I like this glamping lark, I could get used to it haha. I liked listening to the rain on the canopy and knowing that I wasn't going to get wet.

If you are staying in the camping field, the toilets that you can use are in the main building where you find reception so if you wake up in the night and feel the need to go, don't hold it, get up and go haha. Unless you have a pop up loo like we did and then you should be alright. The toilets also have a few showers that you can use and they look super nice and clean. We used the showers in the swimming pool changing room so didn't need to use these ones.

The main building is also where you will find the utilities room, there are a few washing machines and tumble dryers to do your washing. You will need coins to make them work so make sure you have plenty of change. One load of washing was about £1 in total but the tumble dryer was £3 to get everything done. There are 2 sinks in the corner to do your washing up as well.

Reception is in the main building and doubles up as a shop which is actually that badly priced, they try to keep their prices as close to supermarket prices as they can so that it doesn't get too expensive for people staying there.

The best thing about the main building though is the heated swimming pool. Yes, a heated swimming pool that is kept at a constant 26.5 degrees. I kid you not, it was like stepping into a huge warm bath and I didn't want to get out. When you go into the changing room, you put your stuff into a shopping basket and then put it on shelves out by the pool. The shelves are meant to be in the "no splash zone", none of our stuff ever got wet so it was all good. The changing rooms are communal, there is not any private changing rooms but both changing rooms do have a shower. You can't go out into the hallway wet so going to the toilets to use the showers in there are out of the question.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone.