• suzytheexplorer

Week 4 of the campervan conversion

Insolation and swear words

We got one of the last 2 boards up at the back of the van and then took on the mammoth task of starting to put up the insolation carpet.

It all seems so straight forward when you watch the videos online, you pick where you are going to start, use plenty of the adhesive spray on the carpet and on the wall to make sure that it is well and truly glued on, keep pulling it into shape to make sure everything is covered and lots of rubbing so it all sticks.

What they don't tell you is that if there is 2 of you doing it, when one of you pulls the carpet one way, you will end up pulling the other person as well. It basically ends up being a game of tug and war, my husband is a lot strong than me so I had to tell him on several occasions to stop pulling the carpet so much as I couldn't get it to cover my end.

The glue looks like spider webs so if you end up getting it in your hair, it looks like you've walked through a spiders web. I did panic at first when it went in my hair but lucky enough, it washed out when I had a bath.

You will end up calling each other and the carpet every name under the sun for not doing something properly.

You end up completely distrusting each other, especially when one of you (meaning me) asks for the adhesive spray and the other person (my husband) says they haven't got it and your reply is "I gave it to you, you do have it!" Then you make them look everywhere around them only to find out that you actually have it next to you or it's hiding under the excess carpet that's on the floor haha.

You need to come to terms with the fact that it isn't going to be perfect very early on or it will drive you mental. We got most of it to flatten out lovely but there are a few little wrinkles here and there haha.

Before we started the carpet, we'd made sure all the wiring was planned out but what we didn't do was give ourselves enough wire to put the electrics into the kitchen cupboard. We didn't notice this mistake until after we had stuck the carpet over the wires. Sean threw a bit of a paddy so I started pulling the minimal amount of carpet off the wall as I could pull some more of the wire through. It worked but we had to make an extra hole in the back of the cupboard as the one we were going to use was too far away for the length of wire we had.

This led to us having to reorganise the cupboard as the single plug socket for the fridge had to be moved over which meant the fridge is actually going in the middle of the cupboard instead of to the left. So we are going to have a rethink about the storage in the cupboard but I'm sure we are going to be ok.

Talk about a knock on effect hahaha.

I've signed us up to the Camping and Caravanning Club on a yearly membership. It's only £42 a year for a family and you get loads for your money. You get money off campsites and shops, they run competitions, they have meet ups throughout the year,