• suzytheexplorer

Week 3 of the campervan conversion


Saturday - Got so much done today, we went to B&Q to get a few bits that we needed like the wood for the bed, a saw, screws and some L shaped brackets.

We drove round in the campervan now that we know is does actually start haha. It was quite nice being in the passenger seat, my chair swivels so when I turned to get out, the chair moved with me. The wheel nuts need doing on the front passenger side so we have got a friend of ours coming over in the next few weeks to sort that out and do a service on the van to make sure everything else is ok.

When we were parked up again, we got everything out of the van, cleaned up the floor and then set about putting our laminate floor down. We rolled the laminate out across the floor and then cut all the excess off so that it fit perfectly on the floor around the wheel arches and step. It was Sean's job to do the cutting and mine to clear off the bits he cut off and hold the laminate in position. Once we had it all ready, we used spray adhesive to stick the laminate to the floor. Sean did the spraying while I did the penguin shuffle to help everything stick together and make sure the laminate stayed flat.

While I bagged up all the rubbish from the van, Sean started cutting the bed frame out of the planks of wood we bought this morning and got the basic frame sorted so that we could work out exactly how high we wanted the bed to be.

It started raining and we were both quite tired so we put everything back in the van and left it for the day.

Sunday - Got down to the van early and while Sean continued cutting up the wood for the bed frame, I tried to sort out the toilet cabinet as the door was stopping us being able to put the toilet inside. I took the back off of the cabinet, I thought that seeing as no one is going to see that part, it would give us a few extra inches to easily get the toilet in. I took the old hinges off the door and then I put new longer hinges on so that the door could go into a better position to allow us to easily pull out and put the toilet back in with ease.

I had measured the van plenty of times but it occurred to me that I actually hadn't laid down in the van to see if I would fit so I got down on the floor and I fit perfectly. I always say I'm 5 foot 7 inches but if my measurements of the van are right, I'm actually 5 foot 9 inches so I have grown 2 inches haha.

My mum turned up to help me sort out the curtains, we measured them up in the van and then took them home to do the hemming but found that the sewing machine I'd borrowed didn't work so my dear old mum volunteered herself to hand sew the curtain that will be going up between the front seats and the lback of the van. I'm absolutely useless at sewing so it's a good thing my mum knows how haha.

Got back to the see how Sean was doing and he had most of the bed sorted. We were thinking of getting a think sheet of wood to go over the top of the bed frame but then decided to use the rest of the sheets of wood that we left over from doing the insolation. We might still get another sheet of wood to put on the top for extra support, we'll have to have a think about it this week.

Sean has put in lots of supports due to our sizes and I think he's done a brilliant job. He is thinking of putting in a few more to be on the safe side, no harm in extra support, especially seeing as we do still have some planks of wood left over.

Loving the storage that the bed has underneath it, all of our bulky stuff will fit under it perfectly for when we got on trips. As you can see from the picture, Sean has put an extra support in the middle of the bed and to divide the storage. This will help us keep things more organised.

Tuesday - Got a total bargain today. I was out in the local charity shops that are now allowed to open and I for an AA mini guide back of books on Britain and a Rough Guide book on Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Together they came to about £7 so total bargain. These are going to really come in handy when we are on trips in Rupert.

Thursday - Mum has got the curtain all done that she took home with her so hopefully she will be back down our way soon in order to drop it off and then we can get started on the curtains for the little windows on the wides.

Friday - Been doing a lot of research this week on aweings for the camper. I don't want one that we have to put up and put away, I'd really like one that attaches to the side of the van that we pull out but the ones I am finding are really expensive. I need to do more research.