• suzytheexplorer

Week 2 of the campervan conversion

Relaxed week, doing more research

Saturday - Well, today was seriously busy. Got up early to do yet another tip run, it is a pain in the bum doing them but the van looks so much clearer that it makes it all worth it and Sean can stop moaning about tripping on bits of wood haha.

Jumped into my Sean's work van and we drive to Maidstone. We went to a carpet warehouse that turned out to be closed even though the website said they were open, very annoying.

We went up to ScrewFix to get the blades for a multi-tool and then Toolstation to get the deadlock for the back of the van.

I had arranged with a lady through Facebook Marketplace to buy a cabinet that we are going to use as our kitchen cabin. £5, total bargain!

On the way home, we realised that the deadlock didn't have bolts with it so we had to stop off at a different ScrewFit to get the bolts. Luckily for us, there was a huge carpet shop next door where we found the perfect laminate flooring and they cut it up to our measurements there and then for us to take home straight away.

Then we spent 5 hours working out where the electrics, we are going to put a single plug socket in the back of the cabinet for the fridge and then 3 double sockets around the campervan. We are going to put the fuse box in the back of the cabinet as well so that we can access it easily.

We put up more boards on the ceiling and used the multi-tool to cut out the air vents in the wood. We are going to put new silicone around them as they seem to have leaked and this is the reason that the boards had rotted.

We didn't put the flooring down but we did put the cabinet and the little cabinet we will use for the toilet into the camper to see how it all fitted in. We had measured everything but just wanted to make sure and it looks like everything is going to fit in perfectly.

One thing we did find out today about the van is that it now isn't starting haha. It hasn't been turned on in a week and seeing as it's not even ticking over, we think that it's just the battery so we are going to jump start it and take it for a good drive round to get the battery charged up again. If we need to get a new battery, we are lucky that we have a Euro Car Parts depot 5 minutes from our house so we can just go and get one.

Wednesday - After a few days break due to Sean's birthday yesterday, we are back to sorting Rupert out. Sean bought a new fuse box and some fuses and I ordered more stuff on Amazon haha.

I've arranged with my mate Amy to borrow her husband, Ross, on Saturday to help build the bed in the van. I would help but I feel this sort of a job would lead to an argument where I may use the hammer on Sean's foot instead of the wood haha. I will be helping him put the flooring in on Saturday morning, I feel that would be a little less stressful.

Thursday - Well, Sean's work van has died which may put a stop to putting the bed in on Saturday as we wouldn't be able to fit in the sheets of wood into my car. I don't even think that I would be able to get a 2x4 plank of wood in there either to be honest. We are still going to be putting the flooring in so at least that will be something done and out the way.

Been doing a lot of research into having a leisure battery for when we stay in places that don't have an electrical hook up. I'm in a Facebook group with other people who have been doing up their own campervans called UK Camper Vans built for under £2500 and they have all been absolutely amazing giving me advice and feedback on what they have used. I'd definitely recommend joining the Facebook groups to anyone doing up a campervan and some of the people are a fantastic wealth of knowledge.

Friday - Sean has decided that he won't need Ross's help tomorrow, we'll see how long that lasts haha.

I took some more pictures of the little Honda generator that the previous owner of the campervan gave us. It's only a little one and apparently it's really quiet so we are going to keep it, we can use it when we stay somewhere that goes have an electric hook up. That will come in handy.

We also found out something very interesting about the van that made us feel like complete and utter plonkers. We have 2 keys for the van, we thought that they were exactly the same but no. One of the keys just opens the doors and they other key opens the doors and has an immobiliser to turn off the alarm and start the engine. Well, when we had tried to start the van, we had been using Sean's key which turned out to be the one that was just for the doors. We used my key and it started first time haha. No need for a new battery now.