• suzytheexplorer

Week 1 of the campervan conversion

Tip runs and buying a lot

Saturday - When we got Rupert home, we sat in the back on the fold out sofa bed having a chat about what we wanted to keep and what we thought should get taken out, which turned out to be most of it haha.

We don't know if we are going to be keeping the fridge, we will have to see what we do as a kitchen cabinet.

We found that the previous owner has very kindly let us have 3 packs of grey laminate flooring boards, a fire extinguisher and 4 double and USB plug sockets and cases as well as the fridge So that has saved us time and money buying them.

We don't like the amount of cupboards that there are, there is just too many so we are going to get rid of some of them, might keep some to use for our own little kitchen.

We are super excited about having Rupert and as soon as I got home, I was on Amazon ordering the stuff I have been saving on my campervan wish list.

Sunday - We started taking the old cupboards out and taking off the carpets. We pulled the sofa bed out and we found that it wasn't going to be big enough for the both of us so we thought might keep it and use it as part of our bed frame. We filled up my car with as much of the wood and carpet that we didn't want so that I can take it to the tip in the week.

We took out the sink and gas cooker, we had a good chat about it and although it is a common thing to have a gas cooker in a camper, we decided to not use gas. I ordered an electric multi-cooker that I can cook, fry and grill on to make cooking easier.

Monday - We didn't do much work on Rupert but I did go to the Post Office to get the tax sorted out. The previous owner had registered it as sold so the reference on my new owner slip was invalid. Lucky enough it was easy to sort out and I taxed Rupert for a year instead of paying monthly, one less thing to think about.

Sean rang me to say he'd found the perfect little cabinet for our toilet. Someone had put it on their driveway with a sign that said "take for free" so he picked it up.

Tuesday - Took Sunny with us to see Rupert, he wasn't impressed but it did still a lot of the old cupboards and things it is so I wasn't surprised haha.

Our toilet got delivered today so I measured it up and it is going to fit into the little cabinet that Sean found yesterday if we take the door off the front and reposition the hinge so that it is on the outside instead of the inside.

Wednesday - The first tip run, got to the tip by 8am, I was the first in the queue so once they opened, I was in, emptied my car and back out within 15 minutes. When Sean got home, we went down to Rupert and spent a few hours taking out more of the cupboards and filling up my car again. It was hard to see an end to all the rubbish but we stayed positive.

The carpet arrived today, it's not as big as I thought it was going to be, I thought it was going to come in a roll but it's all folded over, hoping it doesn't make weird creases in the carpet.

We have decided to not use the grey boards for the flooring, we are going to get some normal laminate lino instead.

Thursday - We squeezed more into my car and put up 2 new boards on the ceiling. The old ones they were replacing were crumbling away so it's a good thing that the previous owner gave us loads of sheets of wood so we could replace the rotten ones.

We had a trip to B&Q to get a few bits like drill bits, curtain wire, hooks and eyes for curtains, electrical tape and a few bits that Sean said he needed. He also picked me up a measuring tape seeing as he was getting annoyed with me pinching his one to measure things in the van or working out the sizes of things I was ordering haha.

We finally decided that we are keeping the fridge and should fit perfectly in the cabinet that I should be picking up on Saturday

Friday - Tip run number 2, out nice and early so that I could be back home in time for my mum arriving to take me curtain shopping. As stupid as it sounds for a 36 year old, I have actually never been curtain shopping, my mum usually gives me her old ones haha.

Anyway, we went to Maidstone and went to The Range where I got an awesome bargain. For £24, I got a pair of huge lilac tartan style print. They are way too long what they will easily cover the divide behind the front seats and the 2 long windows in the back. The extra material that is left over (once mum shows me how to sort them out), will be made into cushions.

We are going to be using our foam mattress in the camper but after measuring it, it is 5 foot 2 inches across and 6 foot 8 inches long whereas the space we are going to be using for a bed is 5 foot 2 inches across and 5 foot 9 inches long. So it's a good thing that it is foam as we are going to have to cut a bit off the end to get it to fit haha.