• suzytheexplorer

‌We Love Pura‌ in Pompeii

Where else can you eat Nutella gelato at a table while sitting on a swing??

You can here!!!!!!!

It was my favourite thing to do nearly every day of our stay in Pompeii, sit at the table in the doorway to watch the world go by with my Nutella gelato and having a bit of a swing on a proper rope swing. Felt like a kid again haha. And for anyone who is a bit on the big side, I am big and the swings held my weight so don’t be shy or nervous about getting on one.

I tried a few different gelato flavours and they are all amazing, I was a little surprised to hear that some of them are also vegan so our friends (who are vegan) could enjoy the gelato with us. I thought it was great that the company took everyone’s dietary needs into consideration.

The staff were all so nice and friendly, we had a really nice chat with one Lady when we were the only customers because it was still very early. She gave us some great tips of things to see nearby, the way to book trips and the easiest way for us to get to Sorrento.

I would love to go into one of these places again if I was in Italy and saw one, I highly recommend them