• suzytheexplorer

My love for ‌Wasabi‌

In my eyes, no trip to London is complete unless I have got a pot of awesome food from Wasabi before I get on the train home.

Wasabi is in the London Victoria Train Station on the side that has all the banks of ticket booths.

There’s lots to choose from and super easy to order.

You go up to the first counter, you tell them what size pot you would like, if you would like noodles or rice and then what you would like from the hot choices in front of you.

There is a fridge so you can pick sushi, salads, soups, snacks and drinks that you can pick from as well.

They only have a few seats outside as it’s a small place so you may have to find a bench in the train station if you want to sit down or wait until you get on your train to eat like I do.

The staff are always pleasant but it can be really busy so they aren’t too chatty unless you are asking about the food and then they will tell you everything you need to know.

My absolutely favourite (which is in the picture to the right) is the sweet chilli chicken with rice and a side ordering of vegetable spring rolls. Love love love.

The chicken curry and chicken katsu are also really really nice as well.

I would highly recommend getting food from here as it is always delicious, I have never been disappointed.

They aren’t really cheap but considering how food they give you and the quality of the food, it is well worth the money.