• suzytheexplorer

My Experience Flying With Virgin Atlantic

I flew with Virgin Atlantic to and from Florida and they were 2 of my favourite flights I’ve ever had.

We booked our flights as part of our holiday through Thomson Holidays but we were able to get the booking code so that we could go online to pick our seats and meals. It was an extra £25 per person, per flight which meant we paid an extra £100 to get the seats that we wanted. Would of been nice to not be charged so much more money but because my husband and I are both big people, we needed to make sure that we got the seats that would ensure we would be comfortable. Especially as the flights were 8 hours and 9 hours, didn’t fancy being uncomfortable.

Boarding took a while but it was a 747 so there was a lot of people to get on the plane. Even though we were at the back of the plane, like other flights and airlines, economy board after the more expensive seats.

We picked low-fat meals so we were among the first lot of people to get our food. Good tip there, pick a special meal requirement and get your food before everyone else. The food we had was so yummy, chicken and vegetables, bread rolls, cheese and crackers. It was all really nice.

The entertainment was great, we loved that we could check the website to see what films we could pick from when we were on the plane. There was 100s of films, TV programmes and music albums to keep you entertained during the flight. Some of the films were ones that had just finished at the cinema as well so they were really new.

I like to know where I am and seeing as most of the journey was over the Atlantic, it was great to have the map option on the screen to see exactly where we were, the speed we were going, etc.

The headphones you get are ok, I would suggest taking your own but be careful as some of the jack sockets are on the inside of the armrest so if you forget it is there and get up, you will rip the wires out of the jack. The socket was on the inside of the armrest when we were going to Florida but when we were coming back, the socket was in the screen. Speaking of the screen, they are a good size and very easy to use as they are touch screens.

The seats who so comfy, because of our sizes we got the seats at the back of the plane at the side as they are normally rows of 2 seats. The middle armrest lifts up so once we are in the air, that comes up and we have a little bit more room. A good point for me is that I get a window seat and there is usually an inch or 2 between the seat and the window so it’s a little bit more room again.

The staff were all lovely, anything we needed we just had to ask. As we were seated up the back of the plane so any time we needed to speak to someone, we didn’t have to go far.

They come around regularly with food and drink for you. They will only wake you up if they are bringing round a main meal, they will let you sleep if they just have snacks and drinks.

I would gladly fly with Virgin Atlantic again and again.