• suzytheexplorer

‌Climbing Vesuvius‌

Ok, now, there are a few things you need to know before we attempted going up Vesuvius.

1. We were told that once you get dropped off at the car park, it’s a short walk to the top What a fib that was. We got dropped off at the car park, yes that was true but then you have a zigzag pathway and a long winding bit that curves around Vesuvius that you have to walk up and it is in no way a short walk. It is just under a mile but it is also a seriously steep walk the whole way. It took me and my husband about 45 minutes to walk up it and we were completely exhausted when we finally got to the top. I got a map off of Google Maps so you can see what I mean.

2. There is a gift shop at the top

And they are life savers as they don’t just sell souvenirs, they sell wine, energy drinks and beer. As soon as I saw the fridge, I grabbed an energy drink for me, a beer for my husband and we enjoyed the view while getting our breath back.

3. If you book transport, the price doesn’t always include entrance to Vesuvius If you book transport, make sure you double check if it includes the entrance fee and a lot of the time, it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, your driver should first stop off at the ticket office so that you can buy your tickets and then drive you up to the main car park where you will give your ticket to a man or lady in the hut and off you go.

4. There toilets on Vesuvius

There are no toilets up at the top but there are in the main car park so make sure you go before you start walking. They are portable toilets, one of them being a disabled one and they will cost you a euro a go.

5. The top may be a little underwhelming When we got to the top, there was the lovely view and the thought of how it is still an active volcano, I thought it was great until I turned to my husband and saw the look on his face. He was not a happy bunny at all, he was under the impression that he would see “something” exciting or interesting but when we looked down inside Vesuvius, we saw dirt, some rocks and a tree. There was a little cloud of smoke that started coming out but it turned out that it was just some gas escaping. I still found it extremely interesting, especially thinking about when it erupted and engulfed Pompeii in lava.

6. Try to go on a clear day

If you go on a day that is even a little bit cloudy, you won’t see much of the surrounding area. We were lucky to go up when it wasn’t cloudy but on the way down, we got covered in a cloud which wasn’t too bad at first but then got thicker and I could barely see my husband 12 feet in front of me. It’s easy to forget just how high you are, even with the amazing view.

7. You don’t just have to walk up There is a man with a car that takes things up to the gift shop and if you ask him very nicely, he will drive you up. He asked us if we wanted a lift, as I was up for letting him drive me up but my husband was very determined that we do it under our own steam instead of cheating. I’m glad we didn’t get a lift up, as I can say that I walked up Vesuvius.

8. Wrap up warm as its cold at the top This is so so true. I took my hoodie off as we were walking up as I was getting hot, then once we were at the top, I was freezing cold. Best to take a hoodie with you.

9. There’s plenty of transport to get up there We booked a minibus through our hotel which was 27 euros but you can get a coach from the train station for a few euros each way. I think ordering a taxi would be very expensive as it was 10 euros just from our hotel to the train station so going all the way to Vesuvius which is another 15-20 minutes will make the price go right up.