• suzytheexplorer

Turtle Bay‌ - Crawley

It is not very often that I don’t visit Turtle Bay during a trip to a Crawley. Although I mainly go for the cocktails and good atmosphere, I have been there to eat and the food is amazing.

They have a happy hour where the cocktails are 2-4-1, this is mainly when I visit haha. My husband and I like to sit at the bar so that we can chat to the bar staff when it’s not busy. The bar staff are super cool, always chatty, great with recommendations and have some awesome cocktail making skills. I love the Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada while my husband loves the Rude Boy and Zombie Beach Coma.

When we have eaten there, the food is delicious, it is perfectly cooked Caribbean style food so lots of lovely food in jerk sauce. When we are sat at the bar, I usually order bar food for snacks if I get hungry. I mainly eat the jerk chicken wings as they are so tasty, nice and spicy but not too spicy that it hurts your tongue. Perfect.

The restaurant can get quite busy from later afternoon and into the night, especially at weekends, so I would highly recommend booking a table to be on the safe side.

The atmosphere is chilled out, the music is mainly reggae music but it isn’t too loud so you can still talk to people without having to shout.

They are located close to the town center and less than a minute walk from a Travel Lodge so it is in a brilliant location.

If you are just having drinks, you can either pay each time you go up or get a tab. To get a tab, you need to give them a bank card which they put into a card sized locker and give you the key. I like this as no one else can get your card unless they have your key, so make sure you hold onto it.

If you want somewhere to have amazing food or just chill with friends and a few cocktails, this place has it all. I highly recommend it.