• suzytheexplorer

A Trip To The Cinema - With Covid19

One of my favourite things to do, other than travel of course, is to go to the cinema. So you can imagine my excitement when I got an email from Cineworld saying that they were reopening on the 31st of July. I was checking the app regularly to see what films were going to be shown and I couldn't believe it, they were having a Back To The Future marathon!

After the Harry Potter films, Back To The Future is my favourite film series so there was no question about what I was going to be doing with my Saturday haha.

Booking was easy, I have Cineworld Black Card membership so it was super easy to go on the app to book tickets and get the passes emailed to me to be downloaded onto my phone. The booking system makes sure you are social distancing too, they will not let anyone book a seat next to you by blocking out the 2 seats either side of you/your group.

On the day, there was hardly anyone around, for the first time in a very long time I could park right near the entrance. There was a door to go in and a door to come out to that people don't cross each other. There was plenty of signs about social distancing, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser in the lobby. Plus, one of the ticket machines was out of order because they are quite close together.

There is an hour gap between films now so that staff can get into the screen to have a really good clean up. There isn't as many films on either and the times are staggered so that there is less chance of there being large crowds of people.

We had to wear face masks in public areas like the lobby and toilets, we didn't have to in the screen but from the 8th of August, the UK regulations are that people do have to wear face masks in the screen.

The food counter was open but we were the only people that used it from what we saw, I guess a lot of people are taking their own drinks now more than they used to. The server has a screen to stand behind at the till and they prefer card payments so they are really doing everything they can. I was disappointed that the icie machine wasn't working though, I LLOOVVEE a Vimto icie when I go to the cinema but the guy serving us explained that they hadn't been able to get someone to clean out the machines since they closed in March so I was kind of ok with the situation after that lol.

There was hardly anyone in the screen for the first film, we were the first ones in there and then there was about 18 more people that came in after us. The second film only saw 10 us in the screen and then it was just me and my friend in the screen.

It was just so amazing being in the cinema again, seeing a film on the big screen, especially the Back To The Future seeing as I was too young to go to the cinema when the films were released. I wasn't even a year old when the first one came out lol.

I can't wait to go back!!