• suzytheexplorer

‌Chilling Out In The Traveller’s Tavern‌

You’ll find this lovely little pub on the arrivals side of London Victoria Coach Station.

It’s a good old fashioned London pub with a real homely feel to it. Lots of tables and chairs to sit down and enjoy a pint. There was quite a few people but it wasn’t overly busy and crammed.

I was in here early as I got the coach to London and arrived shortly after 10am. I was waiting for my sister’s coach to arrive but had an hour and a half to wait so ventured round to the Traveller’s Tavern. I was relieved when I saw the sign outside that said they do a full English breakfast for £7.49 and the picture made it look huge but when it came out I realised that it was just very spread out. 2 proper English sausages, 2 fried eggs with hard yokes, a quarter of a large tomato, 1 slice of bread with a nob of butter already on it, 1 little mushroom that was hiding under the bacon, 3 grilled to a crisp small rashers of bacon and a large spread of baked beans which tasted strange. Overall though, it did taste very nice, I really like the sausages.

They have national flags for England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France hanging from the ceiling. There are a few big screens dotted around showing sports. I was in a raised seating area in a corner at the end of the bar and the screen I had was giving highlights of American football games. The sound isn’t on as they were playing Christmas music, not high tempo sort of Christmas song though, it was relaxing choir and orchestra sort of songs. Really made me feel Christmasy and chilled out.

The staff are really nice and polite. They could obviously see that I was on my own so every now and then, one of them would ask if I was ok, I think that shows just how nice they are and I appreciated it.

It is a little pricey but if you are looking for somewhere to relax and maybe get out of the cold, this is a great place to go.