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My First Travel Boxx

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a box of travel related items from The Travel Boxx. There was a lot more in the box than I was expecting and everything was brilliant in its own way.

Quebottle Collapsible water bottle

This wonderful little bottle is now one of my favourite things in my handbag. It's so easy to use, it holds .

Make sure that before you use it, you put some boiling water in it, do it up, give it a shake and then rinse it out but be careful as the outside gets hot when you have something hot in it. so it's only good for cold drinks.

When you are doing up or undoing the cap, hold the neck of the bottle, not the middle as it is like I did the first time I had water in it and got a little spray of water lol. It does feel strange sometimes as it will become squishy as you drink the liquid inside but once you get low enough, you can collapse it.

Due to what it is made from, it does move around so be careful when you are holding it.

Ceptics Universal Travel Adaptor

There are 3 things that I really love about this adaptor and when I say I love it, I mean, I LOVE IT!!!

1 is that I don't just have to use it when I travel, I can use it at anytime thanks to the different options of the plug prongs.

2 is that it is all in one, there is no additional bits to plug in for it to work other than your charger lead so no feeling like a plonker (like I did) when a part goes missing and you can no long use it.

3 is that it has 2 USB ports AS WELL AS a plug port. I have had to have 2 types of adaptor on trips before because some of my charger leads have a plug attached and some don't. This is good for both and saves doubling up on electricals.

It says on the box that it is not a power adjuster so if you are in an area with low wattage, it won't speed that up. Something to think about it when using it.

The Dirt Bottle Hand Sanitiser

I prefer these to the little squeezy bottles of hand sanitiser because this can't explode in your bag if it gets squashed and its so small and slim that it could easily fit into a clutch bag or in a pocket.

You need to do 3 or 4 little pumps on the button to get a good amount on your hands and it dries super quick.

Jungle Straws Bamboo Straw

I've never had a bamboo straw before and I really like it. It feels strong so it's not going to break, it doesn't give your drink a weird taste like when you use a metal straw, it's easy to clean and it comes in a cute pouch!

It's quite a long straw so good for tall glasses and pint glasses but looks a little strange in small glasses lol.

Drink jin jin enzyme drink

Ok, my first tip with this is to NOT smell it when you open the bottle, it does not smell nice. I did try it though, it says on the bottle to put 20cc in still or sparkling water, I didn't have anything to measure 20cc so I put a few drops in a pint glass and then filled it half way with still water. The water didn't change colour, taste or smell so maybe I didn't use enough. I looked up what benefits you get from drinking it and found out that it helps with your bodily functions, so seeing as I am trying to be healthier, it might help me out a bit.

Uck Off tech cleaning wipes

I love these and I don't just mean the name lol.

They are great for cleaning down anything that you use, especially if it is tech like your phone, tablet, camera, etc as it doesn't make the item wet like normal wet wipes. It dries very quickly so that it doesn't affect it.

Bali Balm lip balm

OMG this lip balm is amazing! You only need a little bit as it goes a long way and it makes my lips feel so nice and soft. I have a very bad habit of biting and picking at my lips so I get very cracked and sore lips. This lip balm has made such a difference, I'll gladly get this again.

Other than it's lovely feel on my lips, it also has a nice taste, I'm not saying to eat it lol, but I have found in the past that some lip balms have a strange taste. I also found that they are oily, I need to put lots on or they feel nasty on my lips. Bali Balm is none of these!! I seriously do love it.

Hand wipe from Busy Co

I really like this wipe, it felt very nice on my hands and dried very quickly so that my hands didn't feel clammy afterwards like they do with some other wipes.

The skin on my hands did feel softer and clean afterwards so I think these would be really good in dry conditions like a beach holidays when your skin can get dried out from the heat, sand and salt from the sea.

Face mask from TravelEatSlay

Love this mask because it fits me perfectly. I have had such a tough time getting masks to fit me comfortably. I can't always breathe properly, they fall down my nose, they dig in under my eyes or move up so that I can't see anything when I look down. This mask is perfect, I can breathe fine, it doesn't move around and because of it awesome design, it's really easy to find in my bag.

The pouch is comes in is brilliant too as I have started using it for my spare masks to keep them all together instead of floating around handbag.

Bumblezest ginger and tumeric CBD drink

If you like the taste of ginger, you will like this drink, it is quite an overpowering taste so I didn't 100% like it but that is because I'm not a big fan of ginger.

It is made with sparkling water so it was refreshing, I had it at room temperature so can see it being really nice if it's kept in a fridge and served cold.

It's great that it is OK for vegans to drink and that it is only 20 calories so it's a good all round drink if you like ginger.

Boundless nuts and seeds snack

Now, I don't normally like or I am very picky about nuts and seeds but these are amazing. They taste delicious, I wasn't sure if I was going to like them when I saw the flavour was cayenne and rosemary but they go fantastically together. I just wish there was more in the bag lol. I love how they are prepared by being soaked in water and then baked to make such a wonderful taste. They are also gluten free and fine for vegans to eat so lots of people can enjoy them.

As well as lots of lovely goodies, I also had some leaflets that I'd like to make you aware of as they have discount codes.

We Drifters

These lovely people make anti-insect sleepwear made from bamboo so if you are the type that likes going camping, I would highly recommend check them out.

The sleepwear is lightweight because of the bamboo fabric so you won't get overheated during the night. They are also breathable, odour resistant, temperature control and anti-static.

They come in a wide range of sizes which are extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.

Each set includes socks and a 2-in-1 pillow case

Republic Of Voyages

These guys organise luxury travel with a photographer or an artist to the most picturesque destinations all around the world to take pictures of your trip. Imagine that, having a professional photographer taking beautiful pictures of your trip while you enjoy the views.

So if you would like your very own box of goodies, head over to The Travel Boxx and set up a subscription

If you would like to see a video of me opening the box, check out my YouTube channel