• suzytheexplorer

Top tips for a stress free road trip

I love a road trip, it doesn't matter if it's the 45 minute journey to see my parents in Crawley, the 3 hours drive to my sister's in Nottingham, the long long jaunt to Wales or the 2 and a half weeks my husband, Sean, and I spent on a driving holiday around the South West of England, Wales and Nottingham.

After so many road trips, I've learnt the best ways to make things stress free for everyone.

Know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

If it is going to be a long journey, going in the wrong direction can take you hours out of your way wasting precious time. I love making lists on my Google maps so that I know where I am going and there is less faffing around. If you know you might go to an area with little or no signal, you can download the maps to your phone, download just the directions, go old school by printing off the directions or go proper old school by getting a road map haha.

Wear comfy clothes

The last thing you need is to be half way through your journey and your jeans are digging into you or you have to keep adjusting something. I go ultra comfy by wearing loose clothes like leggings and a t-shirt while Sean goes with shorts and a vest.

Bring healthy snacks

It would be so easy to just take crisps and fizzy drink but I have found that it just makes you stomach turn eating that sort of food and then not moving so pack healthy snacks. Fruit, cereal bars, The best drinks to have are bottles of fruit and water. We do pack a few little bad treats like bags of sweets or peanuts but make sure you have something to put these in or they will end up everywhere if you go round a corner too quickly or if you drop the bag haha.

Pick a good playlist

There's nothing better than driving along the motorway with your favourite tunes playing and having a good old sing along. Sean and I like classic rock so we have a few mixed CDs in the car or we put on Amazon Music and pick some different tunes. Nothing like blasting Deff Leppard or Thunder while cruising down the motorway. Playing music helps the journey go a little bit quicker as well. Having a bluetooth speaker is great as well if your phone doesn't play music loud enough.

Stay tidy

No one wants a car full of empty packets, cans and wrappers so make sure you have a bag just for rubbish and put it in a bin when it starts to get full. I usually use a black sack that is kept behind one of the front seats so it's easier to put rubbish in it.

Have an in-car charger

The last thing you need is your phone running out of battery when you are in the middle of nowhere and need it to get somewhere so make sure you have your in-car charger to keep it topped up. I got a great charger that has 2 C Type sockets for fast charging our Samsung phones and then a normal USB so that we can charge other devices like our tablet at the same time. Make sure they you get a good one though as cheap ones either won't charge your phone properly or burn it out. Click the picture below to see the one that I use.

Take regular breaks

I have trouble with my hip if I sit in the same position for too long so we always make sure that we take a break every few hours to get up and have a walk around. We usually stop at motorway services but we have stopped in little villages when we spot a cafe or shop we can stop in for a look around.

If you are driving with pets, here are a few tips to help our furry little friends as well, as tested by my own fur baby, Sunny.

Take them for walks on breaks

Remember that they are in the car for as long as you are so if you need to go to the loo, chances are that they do too so make sure you take them for a walk when you stop for breaks.

A big fluffy blanket

My Sunny has a big purple fleece blanket that goes across the back seat of the car so that he can be comfy wherever he'd like to lay down. Plus, he is the only one that uses that blanket so it has his smell on it and I heard that it will help to relax them.

Their favourite toy

Sunny has a few favourite toys but I try to pick the ones that he likes to have a chew on so that he has something to do keep him entertained. He has an Aliens facehugger toy, he loves having a chew on it's legs so that is always in the car with him. Having a few little toys will help with beat the boredom.

Tasty treats

We need to eat and so do our little friends. I like to take big treats for Sunny as they sometimes take him a while to eat through them, something else to keep him entertained haha. Make sure you take a few different treats though so that they don't get bored.

Strap them in

It's the law in the UK that dogs need to be secured in a car or you get fined so we have a little lead that clips into the seat belt clip and then attaches to your dogs harness or collar. This keeps Sunny nice and safe, plus I know that if we end up braking sharply, he isn't going to go flying through the air. Some people I know that have little dogs have little baskets that attach to the seat and have a little lead in them to keep their dogs secure as well.

So there you have it, my top tips for a stress free road trip, hopefully they will help you on your next trip, wherever that may be to.