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The unplanned road trip - Days 1 - 5

Here is my little diary of the first 5 days of the Unplanned Road Trip, I will of course being writing more in-depth reviews of the places we visited which will be published at a later time.

Day 1 – Thursday 18th April

Miles – 41

Although this part of the trip is very short and is just us going to my mum and dad’s, I still count it as part of the trip.I feel like I had the longest day at work today and as soon as it got to 5:30pm I was gone lol. Got home and lucky enough Sean had just arrived so we finished packing the car and headed off.I thought that there would be more traffic than there was seeing as its bank holiday tomorrow. I thought more people would have wanted to get an extra day in like us but there was hardly any traffic.Sorted out a few bits to borrow from my parents and then it was an early night.

Day 2 – Friday 18th April

Miles – 65

Total miles – 106

We had a look on Google Maps and it wasn’t going to take us long to get to Gosport so we didn’t leave my mum and dad’s until mid morning. We plotted our route to take us to the nearest supermarket to the campsite to save us a bit of time.Shocked again by the lack of traffic seeing as we were heading to the coast but it just made the drive smoother.We got to the Asda and brought enough food to keep us going for the next few days. Mainly tinned good like baked beans, jars of sauce, bottles of water, packets of ready meals that you add water to and a few little snack bits.We got to our first camp site which is called Kingfisher Caravan Park. It’s a lovely big caravan park with static caravans as well as the tent/ camper van/ caravan areas. It’s also has a shop and club house with a restaurant which was good.We got our tent and everything set up but the sun was beating down on us, it was melting sort of hot so we got the tarpaulin out of the boot and made a sort of gazebo but shutting one end in the car doors and then covering the tent with the rest. It made the tent so nice and cool and there was a bit between the tent and the car for us to chill out in.In the evening we went to the club house and found out they were having a bbq and a music quiz so we were happy. Got to have some munch other back on the patio and then went inside for the music quiz. We were team 7 and we came 6th Haha, we weren’t last which made me happy.

Day 3 – Saturday 20th April

Miles – 6

Total miles – 112

Didn’t sleep too badly but could of done without some of our neighbours deciding to get up at 2am and have a good old chin wag for a few hours. Thinking we shouldn’t have pitched up so close to the loos as well seeing as the door slamming kept and waking us up.To my dismay, the tent with us, the airbed and the quilt just isn’t big enough, I couldn’t zip the door shut and it felt really claustrophobic.I went to get out to go to the loo and ended up with water all down my face and in my hair from the condensation build up. This is not how I wanted to start my day and annoyed me a lot.We got up, had showers and then set off towards the Gosport ferry. We found a park and display car park right next to the Gosport bus station which is right next to the ferry port. The ferry was only £3.60 each for a return ticket which you can get from one of the ticket machines, the ferries run regularly throughout the day and it only takes a few minutes to get across the water.Portsmouth Historical Dockyard is huge and typical enough, the Mary Rose Museum was right over in the far corner haha. We walked round and got to see HMS Warrior and HMS Victory as well as some of the other attractions. We didn’t go in them as we didn’t have a pass but it was good just to see what was available as we could buy passes at any of the shops if we changed our minds.The Mary Rose Museum was amazing! I couldn’t believe how much they had brought up from the bottom of the sea. The main focus point was of course the remains of the Mary Rose which was in the middle of the building so that you could see it where ever you are.There are 3 floors full of information and artifact’s around the ship and on each floor there is a walkway so that you can get a good look at the ship from different levels.When we came out of the museum, we walked around the dockyard some more, went in the shops and an exhibit on boat making before heading out to find something to eat. As if luck would have it, right outside the dockyard gates is a pub called the Ship and Castle which does a carvery so we went in there and had a lovely late lunch.Once we had finished stuffing ourselves with food, we walked the short distance back to ferry to get back to Gosport.We didn’t go straight back to the campsite when we got to Gosport, we had a good look around the shops in the high street, got a bigger tent from Argos and then went into a Wetherspoons pub called The Star.We got back to the campsite mid-afternoon and just chilled out until it was time to make dinner and go back over to the clubhouse for the Easter raffle and a disco by Ant and Deck, yes that is right, the DJ was called Ant and Deck haha.

Day 4 – Sunday 21st April

Miles – 112

Total miles – 224

We arrived in Devon!

This day was purely driving to our new campsite which was called Bovey’s Down Farm. Lovely campsite, some absolutely amazing views because it is in the middle of nowhere, all you can see for miles and miles is fields and trees.

They have a restaurant onsite that does the most delicious tea and scones, we saw loads of people ordering them that we couldn’t help but have some too. They also have locally made cider call Wiscombe Suicider which my Sean took a liking too, especially as he could buy a 2.5 litre carton of it for £10.

Day 5 – Monday 22nd April

Miles – 16

Total miles – 240

I was woken up by what sounded like every bird in Devon, I couldn’t believe how loud they were and knew I wasn’t going back to sleep when the geese started joining in haha.

We set off for the seaside town of Beer, we had to stop once we saw the sign for the town so that my husband could get a picture with the sign.

Beer is a very small town with not a lot going on but if you just want to chill out on the beach in the sun and eat ice cream, it’s perfect! You can hire deckchairs for the day so that you can be comfortable as it’s a pebble beach, not sand. There is a seafood stall and an ice cream café on the beach so you don’t have to back up to shops. Although the ice cream café doesn’t accept card so make sure you take some cash with you.

We went up to look at the shops once we’d been around the beach, we found The Dolphin Hotel was still serving full English breakfasts so we went in.

It was only lunch time when we came out so decided to pop down to Seaton as it was another seaside town that was only a few miles down the road.

Seaton has a much bigger seafront with a huge beach but still only a few shops so we had a walk around and had a little chill out on the beach before going to Tesco to pick up a few more supplies.

When we got back to Bovey’s, we went down to the restaurant for another afternoon chilling out having a few drinks before we went back up to the tent for dinner.

Lovely day