• suzytheexplorer

The Start Of Our Campervan Adventures

Back in 2019, my husband Sean and I went on a 2 and a half week road trip (The Unplanned road Trip) that was meant to be mostly camping but due to not being as young as we make out and a storm that made us feel like we were going to wake up in the land of Oz, we only lasted 6 nights in our tent before we resorted to hotels.

During our stay on campsites, we saw lots of people with campervans and absolutely loved the idea. We'd seen plenty before but the idea of basically driving with everything you need and then just rocking up onto a pitch with no assembling required was perfect.

We uuummm'd and aaaahhh'd about it for a little while before we decided that it was finally time to get one. Especially after being restricted so much in 2020, we thought that it would be the perfect way for us to escape every now and then to go on adventures. We saved up some money and then started the endless task of searching the online world for our perfect campervan.

We were talk to make sure we knew what we wanted in a campervan so we talked about it a lot.

-We wanted a high top as Sean is nearly 6ft tall, he didn't fancy having to bend down when ever he stood up.

-We needed lots of storage as we are going to use the campervan when Sean was playing at festivals with his band.

-We wasn't bothered if it had a sink or a hob for cooking as we could easily work around that.

-We didn't want to keep making a bed every night and then putting it away each morning so a permanent bed or room to put one in was a must.

-We preferred it to have an electric hook up as we didn't 100% knew how to do that part ourselves but we could work around it.

We had looked into just getting a campervan that was already done up but the ones that we looked at didn't have everything we we wanted and when we worked out the cost, it would cost us a lot more money.

We looked at getting a van and doing it up ourselves, we even drove for over an hour to view a van in London that was perfect. It was an ex-police CCTV van so it had electric, a huge compartment at the back for storage and it was insulated so all we needed to do was put in a bed and other bits of furniture.

Sean went off for a drive in the van to see how it drove and that the engine sounded ok but had bad news for me when he came back. I was on my banking app, moving the money from my savings account to my normal account to transfer to the van owner when Sean dropped a big bombshell on me....... there wasn't any keys for the van.

Yes, you read that right, there was no keys for the van. There was a button to start the engine, it looked like it had been hotwired and then a button attached. We wouldn't be able to lock the doors so someone could have just opened the driver side door and drive off in our van. We were told we could take the battery out when we weren't using the van until we got new locks and keys (which would cost us nearly £300) but that wasn't going to stop someone opening the doors and taking out what was inside in the meantime. Plus, our van insurance would be invalid, buying a van knowing there is no key would of meant that we wouldn't have been able to make any claims on the insurance if something did happen. I was really angry at the owner, he had been messaging Sean for days about the van and never once mentioned that there wasn't any keys. Of all the questions we had asked, it never once crossed our minds to ask that there were keys.

That same day, once we got home, I was on Facebook marketplace when I saw an ad for a campervan that was smaller than what we wanted but it was done up inside with a fold out bed, cupboards, a sink, gas stove and an electric hook up. We talked about it for a little while, we both decided that it was cheap enough that if we needed to do anything to it, it wouldn't cost us too much.

We drove for 45 minutes to Essex where we found our campervan. He was bigger than he looked in the pictures, we had a good look round him, there was a lot of cupboards inside but we thought we could take them out and change the layout so that we reused them. There was a fold out bed that stopped at a cupboard so we weren't sure how far out it would go. There were a few little bits of rust but they weren't around the wheels so we figured it would be something easily sorted.

We went for a drive with the owner to know that it ran ok and when we got back to his house, we bought him and called him Rupert.

We are so excited to get him done up and go on adventures all around the UK and you never know, we might take him around Europe one day too.