• suzytheexplorer

‌The Madeira - Harvester‌

This is one of my favourite Harvesters ever, it’s always clean, the staff are friendly, you get a really good service and really nice food.

If you can get a seat by the window, you will get a great view out to the pier and the sea which I always ask for on the off chance.

There is an outside seating area which is nice if you are going to have drinks on a sunny day, I haven’t seen many people have meals outside but I’m sure it’s fine to do that too. 

The food is always really nice no matter what we have ordered and if it isn’t too busy, the food comes out to quite quickly.

The staff are always really friendly and help you out if you aren’t sure what to have, they will give you their best recommendations based on what you tell them you fancy eating. I love the full rack of ribs here, the meat just falls off of the bone and the BBQ sauce is perfect. My husband loves the mixed grill, everything comes out just how he likes it, he’s never been disappointed. My mum likes to have the hunters chicken which is BBQ chicken, she likes the BBQ sauce as much as I do haha.

The breakfast is all-you-can-eat on cold food like cereals, toast, juice drinks, jam, marmite, milk, etc. If you would like hot food like sausage, eggs, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, etc, you will need to order the hot food but this means that you get your breakfast exactly how you want it. So if you want 4 sausages, 5 rashers of bacon and loads of baked beans, that is what you will get.

It can get really packed on weekends, especially if the sun is out, so book a table by calling them or using the Harvester app so you know you have a table.

There isn’t really any parking nearby unless you have a disabled badge or can find a spot along the seafront which can be quite tricky.