• suzytheexplorer

The lead-up to New york

Saturday 12th October

Well, after a few attempts to upload pictures of our passports correctly, we finally managed to get our ESTA submitted. I haven't had to fill in an ESTA form for about 3 years so I'd forgotten how many questions there were to answer lol.

We had a good look through our checklist of things to sort before we go and we have done it all except the transfers. How organised are we lol.

Monday 14th October

Super excited today as my sister logged into the ESTA website and it said we have been approved! We haven't had emails to confirm yet but I'm happy with that as long as the website says we are all ok.

Monday 2nd Of December

I can't believe we are just a month away from going to New York now. Feels like forever ago when we booked it. I really need to finsih off my packing list.

Friday 13th of December

I was talking to my sister and we aren't too sure if there is a kettle in the room at the hotel, you know how us Brits love a cup of tea haha, so I've ordered a little travel kettle to be on the safe side.

Sunday 22nd of December

Finally started packing my bag but discovered that the pull out handle on my wheelie case is broken. I can pull it along by the handle on top but I can see it being a paid in the bum so good old mum to the rescue by lending me her wheelie case.

Sunday 29th of December

Left my house to go to spend a few days with my paren and my husband, Sean, before I go to New York. Feel a bit sad that I won't be back for 2 weeks but I'm sure my husband, Sean, his nan and my little dog Sunny can live without me for a little while haha.

Monday 30th of December

Got a few little bits in town today that I forgot to pick up at home. My dear old mum has been doing some of my New York washing for me so I'll be getting the last of it all packed tomorrow ready for the off on Wednesday to Heathrow. How is it only 3 days until I go to New York?