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‌Our Amazing Holiday At The Sunbeam‌

The Sunbem is one of the best hotels that I have stayed in, it is perfect in so many ways.It is in a fantastic location, it is in Kardamena but not too close to the bars that is it noisy yet it only takes 5 minutes to walk into the centre of Kardamena. It is on the end of Silver Beach as well as having it has its own beach and steps into the sea.

There is free wifi which has a strong connection when you are in the restaurant and on the beach. We had trouble with it when we were in our room but I think that was because we were 2 floors up from where the router was kept. We could get a good signal on the balcony off of the bedroom and on that side of the bedroom but it would keep dropping out anywhere else in the apartment.

The restaurant is quite cheap and you get amazing tasting meals. I loved the moussaka and my husband really liked the mixed grill. We eat there a few times for lunch and dinner and was never disappointed. The food can sometimes take a while to come out but that is because they cook a lot of it fresh and it is always worth the wait, we never had a disappointing meal. We had quite a lot of the menu from the pizzas, BBQ chicken, moussaka, mixed grill, the full English breakfast and omelettes. All were delicious.

The menu is huge so there is a lot to choose from, most of the food comes with rice, chips and vegetables (broccoli and carrots) but if there is something you don’t like, you just have to say and they will leave it off or make sure it is how you like it. As you can see from my pictures, the portions aren’t small either so don’t expect a light meal from here haha. It will fill you up for the rest of the day for sure.

I would highly recommend the moussaka, it is AMAZING!!! I loved it so much that I had it at least 4 times during my stay, totally yummy.

The rooms are basic but they have everything that you need. Comfy beds, TV, fridge, hot plate, microwave, kettle, bathroom and plenty of space. When we booked our holiday, we had booked a studio as it was extra for an apartment but when we arrived, we were told that we were given the best and most beautiful room and it was, OMG it was indeed. We had room 203 on the second floor and oh my it was the best.

We walked straight into the kitchen with a table, fridge, microwave, hot plate, big cupboard and sink. Leading off in front of us was the bathroom which was a wet room and a good size even with the sink and toilet in there as well.

Back through the kitchen and we come to the living room/second bedroom that had a double bed, a seat and the doors that went out to a huge sun terrace that I think was the same size as the apartment haha. If there had been sun loungers on it, I don’t think we would of left the apartment very much haha. There was 2 washing lines already set up, some patio furniture and the most amazing view of the sea, Silver Beach and the start of the Kardamena sea front.

Back in the living room, there is a door that goes through to the main bedroom. It was 2 single beds pushed together, a TV on the wall, a huge wardrobe with more than enough hangers, bedside tables, a desk, a big mirror, the hairdryer and the doors that go out onto a small balcony.

Yes, we also had a balcony in the bedroom, that's how awesome this apartment is! We had the best view of the sunrises from this balcony and we saw straight down onto the hotel beach.

The cleaning lady came in most days, she is a lovely lady. She saw that we rolled a blanket up and put it between the mattresses so that there wasn’t a gap and she found a thicker blanket for us to use in the gap instead. I thought that was lovely really love of her as she didn't have to but that just goes to show how much they care about their customers.

The only thing that was a bit of a pain was that there isn’t a lift so if you aren’t very good with stairs, make sure you ask for a room on a lower floor.

Andrious, the owner, is a brilliant man. Always welcoming, asking how we are, what are we up to that day and then how was our day when we got back. He knew how much I liked the moussaka so when the chefs had decided to do one last patch for the year, Andrious made sure to tell me so that I could have it one last time. He never takes a day off, he is always on the go looking after everyone and he always had a lovely big smile for us. I don’t know how he does it but when you go up to him to pay, he remembers everything that you have had and doesn’t have anything written down to remind him. The restaurant could be packed and he will be able to tell you what each table has ordered. He’s amazing!

I think that all of the staff are family so it’s a really nice welcoming and happy atmosphere and they are always so nice. They work very hard to keep everyone happy.

The beach is fantastic with lots of sunbeds and steps that go into the sea because it is surrounded by rocks. The water is crystal clear and warm no matter what time of day it was, I enjoyed snorkelling and swimming in it nearly everyday.

Although, on hot days, the sand can get really hot so be careful. I was really surprised one morning to see that there was a man on the beach putting his family’s towels onto sun loungers before the sun had even come up. I woke up early and realised I could get a great picture of the sun coming up, walked out onto my balcony and heard voices. I looked down and there was a man putting the towels out and speaking to a lady. Now that is dedication to spending a day in the sun haha.

There is a little shop opposite the hotel but I would highly suggest going to Louis’ at the top of the main High Street for the big food shop as there is a lot more choice and it is cheaper. We mainly used the little shop if we needed drinks or snacks.

I can see why there are so many people that return to The Sunbeam again and again, we met one couple who said that they had been going for 10 years.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone, we really did have an amazing stay here.

They have their own blog if you would like to check them out.