• suzytheexplorer

‌The delicious meal and a relaxing walk around Sumner Ponds‌

If you are looking for somewhere to have a nice light meal out, somewhere to do some fishing for the day or fancy a long weekend in a tent, caravan, pod, log cabin, hut or a safari tent, Sumner Pond is a great place to be.

I only visited with my parents, husband and our dog Lady for a meal at The Cafe By The Lake but was highly impressed by the whole site. We got to have a good look around after we had our food in order to walk off all the food we’d eaten.

I had a bbq chicken burger, my parents both had ham, egg and chips and my husband had fish and chips. There were no complaints from any of us in regards ot the food. The chicken in my burger was so big that I had to cut it in half to eat it and still had trouble holding it. All of our portions were really big, none of us could finish our meals. It did take a little while for the food to come out but it was really busy and there was a big party on so the staff had a lot to do.

In the cafe, you can either sit outside by the lake or you can sit inside. If you are outside, you need to go into the cafe to order your food and you are given a wooden spoon with a number on it. If you are inside, it is table service so a waitress will serve you and then bring you the food once it is ready.

If you want to stay on site, you can either bring your own tent or caravan and rent a pitch. Or, you can hire a pod, log cabin, hut or safari tent so that you can stay for a few days.

Shepherd’s Hut

You can hire these in blocks of 2 or 3 nights. Prices start from £120 for 2 nights in the low season and go up to £160. For 3 nights the prices start from £180 and go up to £240. It all depends on where you want to go. These are normally right on the lake so you get a nice view of the lake when you come out in the morning. You also get your bedding and throws included as well as breakfast each morning in the cafe.

Camping Pods

This is the cheapest option if you don’t want to sleep in a tent or don’t have a caravan. All you get is a pod with a carpeted floor, a double electric socket, heater and lighting but that it is. You will need to bring you own camping gear including bedding, cooking equipment, etc.

Log Cabins

There are only 2 log cabins so if you are interested, I would try to book as soon as possible. They are on the edge of the lake so I bet that is an beautiful view to walk out to in the mornings.

Safari Tent

There is just 1 of these so if you want to hire this out, get in there as soon as possible. From the pictures in the booklet, it looks like pure luxury so it’s good for people like me that don’t like camping but really want a few creature comforts. I would definitely pick the safari tent if I was going to stay there.

To make a booking or check out the site, the website is Sumner Ponds