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‌My Stay At Sulfur Cottage In Wales

Sulfur cottage is absolutely amazing. It’s 3 bedrooms (2 doubles and 1 twin), a living room, huge kitchen/dining room and bathroom. We couldn’t believe how nice it was when we were walking through to have a good look when we first arrived.

I found it through Booking.com and couldn’t believe my eyes when I could book it for £228 to 4 nights! You get an email to a website to pay the deposit through and then you are given a date that you need to pay off the rest of the money. If you book well enough in advance, you will have loads of time to pay off the full amount. Here is the link for you to have a good look.

A few days before we turned up, I spoke to Mrs Vaughan who owns the cottage, she was such a lovely lady. We spoke about when we were expecting to arrive, what is in the house for us, where to get the key, etc. It was really nice speaking to her, it’s a shame we didn’t get to meet her.

The Kitchen

I’m not joking about how big this kitchen is, there is a big round table to have meals on that can have 6 people sitting at it and there is still loads of room to move around.

There’s a big arger, over, grill, hob, microwave, toaster, kettle, sandwich toaster and a big kettle to be used on the arger. When we looked through the cupboards we found loads of plates, bowls, cutlery, different glasses, pots, pans, frying pans, baking trays, kitchen utensils and cleaning products. There is even baby plates and cutlery which I thought was a nice touch. They really have thought of everything that you would need and it is nice because you don’t need to worry about taking them yourself. There is an oven with a separate grill and 4 hobs on top, all in perfect working order.

I loved my view from the kitchen when I was doing the washing up, you can see for miles and sometimes the sheep come up the garden fence.

The Bathroom

This is on the ground floor at the end of a tiny hallway that connects the kitchen, living room and airing cupboard. It doesn’t have a radiator but it does have underfloor heating which makes such a difference when it is on as the bathroom can get very cold.

It has a lovely big deep bath/shower, sick and toilet. The shower is very easy to use but make sure that you turn it on by the switch in the airing cupboard so that it works.

The only thing I would say that it needs is an extractor fan as the condensation built up quite quickly and we had to open the window because we had water running down the walls and we were worried that it would start effecting the plaster.

The Living Room

This room is a long room with 2 comfy chairs and then a 2 seater and single seater chair set.

There is a fire place that you can use coal or wood on but there is also an electric fire if you aren’t sure on how to make and maintain a fire. There is a TV that’s connected to a Sky box and a DVD player. There are some books, DVDs and games in the big sideboard as well.

It’s very warm and cosy when you have the electric fire is on, it really warms up the room quickly.

Bedroom 1 – Double

This is on the ground floor, you go out of the living room, the front door is on your left and the bedroom is on the right.

This was mine and my husband’s room, it was very comfy, I really liked the bed and how spacious the whole room was.

It’s a lovely size room with a double bed, check of drawers, bedside table, wardrobe and a vanity table all made of wood.

The bed was very comfy, my husband and I are a bit fussy about beds but this one was great. It can get very hot in there though so what we did was put the little heater on in the bedroom about an hour before we went to bed so that it was nice and warm, then switched it off when we went to bed.

Make sure you close the curtains when you go to bed because if you don’t, you will get woken up by the sun in the morning.

Bedroom 2 – Double

This room is up the stairs and to the right. There is a double bed, wardrobe and bedside table all made of wood, there is also a built in cupboard.

Our friends used this room during our stay and they said that they were quite comfortable.

Bedroom 3 – Twin

This one is to the left at the top of the stairs. There are twin single beds, a cot, built-in wardrobe and cupboard.

We didn’t use this room during our visit but its perfect if you have kids, especially with the cot.

You’ll find the wifi router on the kitchen side, you get a signal all around the house but it is strongest in the kitchen. There is no phone signal or land line in the house so at least there is the wifi.

The nearest town is Pwllheli which about 12 miles away and there is a little seaside town 35 miles away called Aberdaron. Other than that, it really is just a few houses and fields around you so it is very quiet at night making it the perfect place to go if you just want to chill out and be away from the world for a little while.

There is a little walled in area next to the house with a gate that is big enough for 1 car.

I would gladly stay there again as it was so nice and peaceful, really felt like I recharged my batteries.