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Why Getting Souvenirs Is Awesome

I love souvenirs from a trip, they bring back all the happy memories from that day or the whole trip. I take a lot of pictures on my trips, I was only in New York for a week but I got 1113 pictures. I didn't want to forget any detail of the trip and wanted to be able to look over the pictures later on.

All the magnets that I collected on my trip to New York
My New York magnets

My main thing to collect on a trip is magnets. A lot of the time it is just the town or city that I get a magnet for but if it is a place with a lot of attractions that I am going to be visiting, like New York, I get a magnet from each attraction. I have no idea how much I ended up spending on my New York magnets but I love my little collection. I made sure to look for colourful or interesting looking magnets so that they would stand out. My whole collection is in a box at the moment but I am hoping to make a display for them all in my living room so that I can always see them.

My ticket to Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy
My ticket to Mount Vesuvius

I also collect admission tickets to attractions I have been to or tours that I have been on. I think that they are always good to look back on, especially if they were special like when I climbed up Mount Vesuvius, my attractions pass for New York, Universal Studios in Orlando, event wristbands, my ticket to my first ballet at the Royal Opera House in London, so much more. All of which are in several different memory boxes around my house haha.

I love using the pressed coin machines to get the souvenir coins
My pressed coins from New York

I am a very big fan of the pressed coin machines, not sure why but I love them. Maybe getting to crush the coin myself or that they are just a quirky little thing to have. I got 12 from my trip to New York but I have them from Tasmania, Orlando, London and a few more. They are a cheap souvenir too, usually works out £1 or £2 plus the penny to be pressed.

I love getting official pictures from attractions if I am in a group as it's sometimes so hard to get a nice picture of everyone together. Plus, sometimes they can be really fun when it's a green screen as you could have all sorts of backgrounds. It's usually big attractions like the EMpire State Building, London Dungeons, the London Eye, etc.

I have recently started collecting charm beads for my bracelet. My husband got me a charm bracelet for my birthday a few years ago which I filled up with Harry Potter charms so I have moved onto a travel bracelet.

What do you collect on trips? Tell me in the comments below