• suzytheexplorer

‌Visiting The Beautiful Town Of Sorrento‌

Oh Sorrento, how I loved my day trip there. It was busy as our visit fell on a Saturday but it was still a lovely day.

The little streets, the beautiful architecture of the buildings, the music and laughter that floats from restaurants, the sweet smell of the sea air, the beach with black sand that you have to get an elevator down to as the path makes you feel like you are going to fall forward as you walk down it haha. It was all so perfect.

The streets are cobbled in some places and sometimes there isn’t a pavement so make sure you keep an eye on where you are walking and where the cars are. There is sometimes lines painted at the sides of the roads when there is no pavement but still be careful as some cars don’t take any notice of the lines.

We arrived by train from Pompeii and straight away picked up one of the maps from the tourist office that is in the station. There are lots of little streets coming off of main roads and streets aren’t signposted very well so it is best to have a map in order to find your way around.

At the train station, you can book boat tours and there was also a little bus tour of Sorrento so that you can really see the town.

We went to the most amazing little restaurant that wasn’t far from the elevator to the beach. It’s called Osteria del Buonconvento and it does one of my new favourite dishes that I have failed to replicate. It is the hot dog and fries pizza, doesn’t sound like anything special but it was absolutely delicious. The child in me did the ordering but I had no idea how good it was going to be. The fries weren’t chunky or like the ones you get from a take-away, the were a bit more like wedges but they tasted like really salty crisps but that just made it even better. The hot dogs were just normal hot dogs and everything was on a thick based cheese and tomato pizza. I know I’m not doing the pizza any justice with my description so if you go there, make sure you try it. My husband had the same pizza and he said it was the best meal of our whole trip.

As well as the restaurants and bars, there are a lot of shops where you can buy clothes, pottery, beautiful flowers, jewellery, handbags, etc so if you like shopping, you will love Sorrento.

One thing you have to do in Sorrento is go to the beach, to get to it you can either go down the walkway which zigzags down the front of the cliff or you can get the lift down, it’s only a few euros for the lift and it’s a lot quicker haha. You can find the walkway and lift by the Chiostro di San Francesco church. Going down the walkway is a bit steep and it is at an angle but it is also steps so don’t attempt it if you may have problems. The walkway is a nice walk as you get a great view and towards the end, it turns and goes into the cliff and it has a really old cave sort of feeling.

I felt like I was an explorer going into a cave. To get back up, you can go back up the walkway if you feel brave enough or go in the lift. There are a few restaurants and bars with their own private beaches for their patrons. There is a small area of the beach which is free for anyone to use. The sand is slightly black due to being mixed in with volcanic ash and rock, you sink into it easily the closer to water you are. There is a little changing room/toilet near the beach which you can use for 1 euro a person I don’t know if it was because it was a Saturday but on our way round we saw 5 weddings coming out of churches. They are amazing to see, so many people all dressed up, the beautiful brides and super smart grooms. We saw an army wedding and it was great to see all the officers in their uniforms.

We did look at staying in Sorrento but it is quite pricey, I wish we could have stayed there as it really was such a lovely day.

If you are on a bit of a budget, there is a few supermarkets dotted around so that you can buy your snacks and drinks instead of going into the bigger shops, restaurants and cafes.