• suzytheexplorer

Visiting The Sealife Centre In London‌

I love Sea Life Centers, I love seeing all the sea creatures.

This Sea Life Centre is located perfectly right next to the Shrek Experience, London Dungeons and the London Eye so plenty to do in a small area without having to go too far and easy to get to by public transport.

I loved walking round, especially getting to see the big tank in the very middle of the centre from lots of different angles as you walked around and the penguins at the end. I absolutely loved watching them run around on the ice when it was feeding time, they looked so excited.

The huge tank in the middle of the centre really is amazing, it's like they have every sea creature known in the tank. There are so many different types of sea creatures and you see something different with each window you come to as you walk around.

There was so much to learn and find out, one thing I did find annoying was that sometimes I felt really crammed in because there was so many people in front and behind us trying to see into a display. It would have been better to go at a time when it wasn’t going to be busy.

The staff do talks as you are going around, we were in time for the shark talk and the penguin talk which were really interesting.

There isn’t a lot of benches or seating areas as you walk around so I would take advantage when there is. I don’t remember seeing any drink or snack machines so best to take your own, especially if you have kids.

There also isn’t a lot of toilet or baby changing areas as you walk around. I saw one couple changing a nappy in a corner when we were about half way round, I overheard them say that they hadn’t seen any baby changing rooms yet.

To be completely honest, I prefer the Brighton Sea Life Center to the London one but it was still a great day out.