• suzytheexplorer

‌I Love The Sea Life Center In Brighton‌

I love it here so much. Everything about it is amazing, I love sea creatures so this is like heaven for me. I like nothing better than sitting by the tanks and watching the fish or creatures swimming around so effortlessly and with so much grace. You don’t have a time limit in the center so you can really take your time to check everything out. I would gladly stay here all day.

There is so much to see and do for everyone of any age. Lots of fun things for the kids to do as they walk around like quizzes and little interactions, we had fun doing them as well when there wasn’t any kids playing on them haha. You are also free to move around wherever you want, if you get to the end but don’t want to leave, you can turn around and go back. You won’t get stopped by anyone although, when it is busy, you will find it hard to walk back the way you came as you will be going against the tide so to speak. If it isn’t too busy, there is no problem at all.

My favourite part is going to the talks in the big tank room with the turtles and stingrays. There is one huge sting ray who sometimes swims around the edge of the tank at the top and looks like he’s waving to everyone in their seats. The talks are so interesting and informative and they do different talks throughout the day so if you stick around all day, you get to sit in on all the different talks I love the glass tunnel, watching the stingrays swimming overhead and their smiling faces. It’s so much fun and if you time it right, you can get a selfie with a turtle or stingray gliding over you.

There is plenty of places to just sit and admire the beautiful creatures. They have a cafe near the entrance which isn’t too expensive and has lots of seats so it’s great as a meeting point for groups or just for a little break.

We did the behind the scenes tour and was a little disappointed. We did ours on a Saturday and I thought that I would see people at work getting food ready, looking after the sick fish, etc but the only person we saw other than the tour guide was a handy man walking through. Maybe they have more people around during the week. It was very interesting though, we saw what the different sea creatures eat, the tanks they used to breed or look after any fish that were ill, the different equipment that was used to keep the environments to the correct specifications in the tanks. If you want to pick a time to do the tour then it is best to book online but you can also get a ticket to be on the tour when you first arrive.

The staff were all lovely and really know their stuff. It was great getting to talk to them and learning from them. Like the little stand near the cafe, it is like a little ocean where you can actually touch a few little starfish and sea anemones and a member of staff will tell you all about them.

In the big tank room where they do the talks, they have a glass bottom boat that you can have a ride on across the top of the tank and a guide telling you all about the creatures you can see. You have to buy a ticket when you first go in for the boat ride.

They also do experiences like feeding the animals, book these as far in advance as you can as they sell out quickly. I was going to book a few as I was going on my birthday but they sold out of everything a month before our visit.

You get a discount for booking online so if you are planning ahead, it is worth it. Here is the link