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Flying with ‌Ryanair‌

I have only flown twice with Ryanair and both times the flight was running late so I wasn’t massively happy but we didn’t have any connecting journeys after the flights so it wasn’t too bad.

The seats were OK, not too small and sort of comfy, we were on an hour flight to Glasgow so it was OK for that hour.

There was a group of people behind us talking and we heard them say that they were charged extra for having their boarding passes printed off for them. It did make me wonder why they hadn’t done it themselves anyway, we had checked in, sorted our seats and printed off the boarding passes. So if you take anything from this post, take the tip of making sure you log into the website to check in, do your seats, print off the documents you need, etc or you are going to get charged for Ryanair staff to do it for you.

The flight was short so we didn’t eat any of the food that was offer, didn’t think it was worth it when we could just get something in Glasgow when we landed.

Booking the flights was done online and it was very easy as well as checking-in and selecting our seats. There was no problems there at all.

I think I would fly with Ryanair again as long as it was a short flight, I know they have had a lot of bad press but in my experience, they were OK, just ran a bit late.