• suzytheexplorer

‌My stay at The Riverside Hotel‌

Stayed here for 1 night with my parents, uncle and my husband so we were spread over 3 rooms.

It isn’t hard to find but we did think that Google maps was taking us the wrong way as we were on a road with construction sites on it. We soon found a lovely little hide away next to a river with a beautiful big garden.

I was sure I knew the hotel from somewhere and then realised that I had stayed there 12 years before when my cousin got married. It hadn’t changed much in that time to be honest but I still liked it.

There is no noise at night, it’s just so nice and quiet. There is a lovely big outdoor seating area that my husband and I enjoyed sitting in and having a cup of tea together in the morning.

We got our keys from reception, the price of the room had been paid when booking so didn’t have to worry about that. If you do take the option of paying later, you need to pay on your last nights stay. The reception is in the entrance to the bar which has quite a big lounge with plenty of tables, chairs and some sofas.

They didn’t have any double rooms left so we all had twin rooms. The room was simple with 2 single beds, a desk that held the little flat screen TV, kettle, tea and coffee, cups and our breakfast which was croissants and cereal. The fridge had a carton of milk, 2 raspberry yoghurt and 2 orange juice cartons. There was a huge wardrobe with shelves and some coat hangers. The room has a lovely big size so plenty of room to move around and didn’t feel crammed in.

The bathroom was a good size with a nice big shower, toilet and sink. They do provide little bottles of shampoo and bars of soap but I had my own with me. The shower was a little fiddly to begin with but once I found the right temperature, it was all good.

There isn’t any aircon in the room so we took the duvets off the bed and slept without them because it was so hot. There was only one window which was above one of the beds so we kept that open all the time so any breeze would come in and chill the room. It was nicely decorated with London paintings and light colours.

The bed and pillows were ok, we didn’t have a bad nights sleep but it could have been a little bit better, the mattresses felt a bit on the hard side.

There isn’t a hairdryer in the room, you need to go to reception and ask for one, we also needed to ask for an iron but that is the same in most hotels.

There is free wifi which was a really good connection, it didn’t drop once for me while we were there. The password for the wifi is on a piece of paper in the room, ours was on the bedside table between the beds.

Between the reception and the building that the rooms are in, there is a big gate. If you go through it, there is a lovely little river. It was the perfect place to just sit down and enjoy the sun.

If you are going out and won’t be back before 11pm, you will need to make sure that you write down or take a picture of the gate code as 11pm is when the gate is locked.

What I thought was great was that after we had checked out and left the hotel, we had a phone call to say that my husband had forgotten his wallet. Instead of them saying that we had to go back for it, they posted it to us the next day. That was going above and beyond for a customer.

I would recommend staying here as it’s a great location for Heathrow airport or just a little get away.