• suzytheexplorer

‌The little town of Pwllheli‌

Pwllheli is one of those lovely little seaside towns with lots of little shops, charity shops, a sweet shop, more pubs than expected (haha), an Asda and a harbour.

We found a big pay and display car park right near the harbour which wasn’t too expensive, it was £3 for 3 hours which I didn’t think was too bad and I never saw it full up so there was always somewhere to park. It’s really close to a lot of the shops as well.

There are quite a few little shops like fresh seafood, newsagents, charity shops, a craft shop, 2 chemists and a few other shops. They are mainly on 3 or 4 long streets so easy to get around, you won’t get lost, especially if you keep heading towards the harbour as you will end up back at the car park.

There is a big Asda superstore so you will have no problems getting shopping if you are on a self catering holiday and don’t fancy working out where to stop on the way there. We used it on the way to our cottage to stock up on everything we would need for our little holiday. They also have an Iceland shop in the town as well so you have some choice.

They have a big Wetherspoons pub called The Pen Cob which we went into seeing as we know that Wetherspoons food is usually quite good.

As it is a little town, there isn’t much actually going on so if you are looking for a nice quiet little town, Pwllheli is perfect for you. If you are looking for lots of nightlife and things going on, it might be best to find another town to stay in.

There is a holiday park called Hafan y Mor Holiday Park that is only a short drive down the road so Pwllheli is perfect for a little day out if you are on holiday and want somewhere different to go to.