• suzytheexplorer

The Pros And Cons Of a Multi-Stop Plane Journey

We have all done it, looked at booking flights and see a heart stopping cheap flight that would free up a lot of your budget for the trip. Only one problem, there is a stop over in the journey so instead of a direct flight that would (for example) take 4 hours, this super cheap one takes 15 hours.

So this is where it turns into a battle of pros and cons.


You could save some serious money which could go towards a nicer hotel, an attraction you want to see, a tour of the city you are visiting or treat yourself to a meal out in a big fancy restaurant.

If you have a long enough layover in a city that isn't far from the airport, you could spend some time exploring that city before you get on your next plane.

Some stops can be super quick so won't add much onto the journey. I had an hour stop over in Singapore once which was just to refuel so all the passengers got off the plane, sat around for a little while and then started reboarding.

If you are going on a very long journey, having short stopovers would help break up the journey so that you have some time to really move around and stretch your legs a bit.


The extra time is being taken out of your trip so you will have less time at your destination.

The multiple takeoffs and landings. When I went to Tasmania, I took off and landed 4 times in 27 hours and believe me, it's not fun. The 4 takeoffs and landings on the way home weren't fun either.

You may not need to do it on for every flight but it is a pain to have to get your bags when you get off a flight, take them round to arrives and check them in again because you are going with a different airline or the plane you was on is scheduled for another destination to yours. We were very lucky on the way home from Tasmania as we flew with Emirates all the way so they moved our bags from plane to plane for us.

If there is any kind of delay, it could have a serious knock on effect for the rest of your journey which could result in missed connections. I was lucky when I had a stopover in Dubai which was for 5 hours instead of 2 as it was my last stop to get home but, if it hadn't been the last stop, I might have missed one of my connections and had to rebook and goodness knows how long I would of had to wait for another flight.

More chance of losing your luggage going between airlines.

So what do you think? Is the stopover worth it?