• suzytheexplorer

‌Visiting The Pompeii Ruins‌

My first tip for going round the ruins is to wear comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking, there’s not many places to sit down unless you don’t mind sitting on the ground and it’s not all level. I knew it was a town but I was overwhelmed but how big the whole site was, it is huge. Some people that we went with, tried to do the site in a day, they were gone for 7 hours and still didn’t see it all so if you want to see all of it, try to spread it over 2 days.

It’s 24 euros to get in no matter what time of day you go in, we went in mid afternoon and it was still the same price. I wish we had booked online as it was only £15.05 and you didn’t have to line up, you could just go up to the gate with your bar-code and go in. Have a look at the website as you can also book yourself on tours, here is the link.

Make sure you pick up a map on your way in or get the Pompeii app as it is so easy to get lost with all the little streets you can go down.

There are a few suggested tours depending on how long you wanted to walk around. It started off at a 2 and a half hour tour and then went up to 7 hours. Try to remember to take a pen with you so you can mark off what you have seen, this way you can ensure you see everything you want to see.

There aren’t many toilets so I would say to make sure you go whenever you see one or you will end up running for one like I did haha.

Before you get to the ticket office, there are some little glass buildings that house plaster casts of people that have been found in the ruins. You can’t go in but you can see them through the glass. I found it quite upsetting as you can see some of them was in pain, they are screaming and there is one that is curled up with his knees up to his chin.

When we visited, my husband was very happy to see that there was a Pink Floyd exhibit in the amphitheatre. We didn’t find out until after we had booked the trip that Dave Gilmore from Pink Floyd was going to be doing as live show in the amphitheatre as few days after we flew home.

We mainly walked along the streets where the homes were which was very interesting but to be very honest, it all just looked the same besides a few homes that you could walk into that still had paintings on the wall.

We mainly covered zone 2 and 3, there was a lot in those areas, my favourite part was the amphitheatre. There was lots of little rooms and we were trying to guess what they were used for. Were they were the lions or gladiators were held until it was their time to go into the arena? Some sort of ticket office, a cell to keep prisons, an armory for the weapons that would be used or maybe a bar, so many possibilities.

There are lots of artifacts that have been found on displace in the Palestra Grande. There is even food like olives, chickpeas, figs and there was a chunk of cake.

They have a vineyard that they have grapes from the time that Vesuvius erupted, I can’t remember what they used but they got the DNA of the old grapes from the ruins and re-created them. It is very expensive for a bottle as you can imagine but the idea of drinking wine from back in time sounds really cool.

We were already very tired from going up Vesuvius so really we should have done this on another day when we had more time and a little more patients.