• suzytheexplorer

‌My adventure to North Wales‌

Day 1 – Thursday 22nd March

As planned, we were in the car, topped up with petrol and on the motorway by 7am with no problems.

Going through the Dartford Crossing didn’t take too long on, it was slow but moving. If you ever go through the tunnel or over the bridge, the charge is to be paid online by midnight the day after your journey as they have cameras that scan your car license plate number. If you don’t pay the charge on time, you get charged a fee so make sure you get it done on time.

We got into 2 big traffic jams, one of which we were at a stand still for about 20 minutes. Otherwise we had a pretty good run seeing as most of the journey was on motorways.

We stopped for about an hour at the Northampton services after 3 hours of driving. It was nice just to have a walk around, use the toilet, get a McDonald’s breakfast wrap and a bit of a chill before heading out again.

After that, one of our stops was when we were going through a town called Knockin, as we were going through the lovely little streets, we saw a shop sign that said “The Knockin Shop”. The children inside all of us wouldn’t let us go past without having a picture taken outside it hahaha.

The views we saw as we were driving through North Wales were absolutely amazing, I could not believe how beautiful it all was. I took loads of pictures and some videos but they don’t do the view any justice. There were a few hills that our poor little car struggled to get up but managed it after we shouted a lot of encouragement haha.

When we got to Pwllheli, which is the nearest town to our cottage, we found the Asda super store to get our supplies for the weekend. It’s not a huge shop but plenty of what we needed with a nice big car park so no problem parking.

The roads that lead to the cottage are proper little country roads so we had to be really careful but we were ok.

When we got to cottage, we got inside and had a good wonder through the house to check it out. There will be a full blog post about it but for now it is a 3 bedroom cottage with a big kitchen, living room, bathroom and a garden. There is a fire in the living room that my friend Jason sorted so we could all get warm but there is a big arger in the kitchen and storage heaters in the bedrooms that keeps the cottage warm as well.

After the long day we had, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we had dinner of spaghetti Bolognese, had a bit of a read and then went to bed.

Day 2 – Friday 23rd March

After an awesome nights sleep, I ended up waking up early, just after 5am to be exact, feeling totally refreshed. I couldn’t believe the amazing views out the window; it was so surreal.

My hubby, Sean, and Jason were already up as well so we started getting ready for the day and having breakfast. Simone got up at 7 and then we all spent the next few hours chilling out before we left to go to the Sci-Fi weekender.

I won tickets to the convention through a competition and thought it would be the perfect excuse for a long weekend adventure. Lucky enough, so did Sean, Jason and Simone.

We were only at the convention for a couple of hours, had a good look around, took pictures of people in their awesome cosplay outfits, brought some bits, saw Emily Booth do a talk, got to meet her and then we left.

We popped into Pwllheli and we found a big car park near the sea front that was only £1 per hour. We had a good walk around the streets, did a bit of shopping and went for something to eat in a Wetherspoons pub called the Pen Cob.

I’ll be doing blog posts about Pwllheli and the Pen Cob where we went for food to give you more details.

None of us fancied driving along the country lanes in the dark so we made sure that we were back at the cottage before it started dark.

We were all really tired out, I think a mixture of getting up early and the lovely fresh air was taking it’s toll on us city folk haha.

After we had dinner which was leftovers from the night before, Simone had made enough for an army instead of just 4 people.

We’d picked up loads of attraction leaflets in the Asda in Pwllheli so we all went through them seeing what there is to do. We did research online before the trip but we always find it good to pick up leaflets in case there is something we missed. We now have a good 4 things that we can do depending on the weather.

Day 3 – Saturday 24th March

Another beautiful view from the cottage windows this morning, I can’t get over having that sort of view, I think I will really miss when we go home. We checked the weather forecast and made a make-shift plan for the day of what we could do out of the places we found last night and in our research.

We drove down to a National Trust site called Plas Ny Rhiw which is just down the road from our cottage. The site goes up into the hills but we wanted to go down to the beach so we had a look around and found a little footpath that took us most of the way down. There was one bit of the path that gave us the most amazing view of the beach which is called Devil’s Beach. We carried on down a path that looked like cars had been going up and down it but then we saw houses and wasn’t sure if we were actually on someone’s driveway, so we walked back up to be on the safe side.

I got a text message from the Sci-Fi Weekender to say that they were having a sale on their t-shirts so we decided to pop down there to have a look at the sale and have another look around. We didn’t buy anything at the convention, but we saw some more brilliant cosplay people and got some pictures in a huge deck chair.

Once we were done, we headed up to Glasfryn Parc which is only about 5 miles from Pwllheli. It’s an activities park that has go-karting, archery, bowling, clay pigeon shooting, segway safari, crazy golf, wake-boarding, kayaking, coarse fishing and camping. We tried archery, 3 of us had never tried it before, Jason was the only one who had but we all had a brilliant time. We were given a quick intro by a member of staff and then we were on our way. There was a man and a little boy when we first got there but they were only there for about 5 minutes and then we had the range to ourselves. 

There will be a separate post going into more detail about our visit. We were going to go bowling as well but a few big groups of people turned up just before we went back into reception and had packed the place out.

So we had a little chat and decided to go back down into Pwllheli to have a look around the harbour. We parked up in the big car park that we were in yesterday and saw that the sweet shop was open so had a wonder over. It’s called Sugarcane and it has loads of really cool sweets and homemade fudge in some seriously awesome flavours. I picked up Nutella, mint chocolate and Dr Pepper.

We did walk over the road to the harbour but there wasn’t anything there, so we just had a look and then walked back to the car.

Day 4 – Sunday 25th March

As it was our last full day in lovely Wales, we decided to head in the opposite direction of Pwllheli to check out Aberdaron. We had so many amazing and beautiful views as we made our way down. Aberdaron is a very small village which to me looked like one singular winding road with a church, pub, a few shops and lots of houses.

We found a big pay and display car park near the beach and then we had a lovely walk along the beach. It was a little windy but the sun was shining so it was really nice.

We walked up to the pub which is called Gwesty Ty Newydd and we took full advantage of the outdoor seating overlooking the beach with some cold drinks. We were really surprised by how many people were inside and then realised that they were doing a carvery. I wish we had known in the morning as I got a chicken out for dinner, I do love a good carvery.

We went into St Hymyn's Church, the doors were open but no one was there so we just had a look around, put some change in their collection pot and left. I loved having a look at the stain glass windows, the detail and the colours reflecting into the room can be amazing.

Simone and I felt that seeing as we were technically at the seaside, we should get ice cream and lucky enough, we found the Welsh Maid. A fantastic little ice cream shop with flavours that I have never ever heard of but they are delicious. The man working there let us try a few different flavours but I settled on Unicorn which tasted a bit like candy floss and I got Jaffa Cake for my husband.

When we got back to cottage, Simone and Jason went for a walk while Sean and I chilled out (mainly napped) and started getting our bags packed.

Day 5 – Monday 26th March

Not a very good morning other than the amazing sunrise that I got to see.

We all got up early to make sure everything was packed and in the car for us to leave at 8am. No one was very talkative; we were all quite sad that the adventure had come to an end. We tidied up the house as much as we could, we’d had such a great stay that we wanted to make sure the lovely owner didn’t have to do much before the next lot of people stay there.

None of the shops were open except petrol stations so we topped up the car, grabbed some drinks and a few snacks before heading out.

We got to see the beautiful landscape again which was the best part. Although we did see a lot more sheep just wondering along the road which was a little worrying as we obviously didn’t want to run one over. I took a lot of pictures, a few videos and even did some live posts on Twitter and Facebook.

We only stopped the once on the way home, we all just wanted to get home. It was just for an hour to get something to eat and walk around a little.

Got home mid-afternoon, seems really weird not being in our little Welsh cottage. We were only there for 4 nights but we totally fell in love with it and Wales. I really want to go back but I want to explore a different part.