• suzytheexplorer

A bargain stay at Newport Student Village‌

This place is quite possibly the best hotel bargain I have ever EVER found.

I was looking on Booking.com for a cheap hotel for us to stay while we were in South Wales, I just wanted somewhere to be our base for a few days and Newport Student Village came up as £86 for 3 days. I’d stayed in Student accommodation before so knew it was going to be basic but clean and secure. I booked it straight away, there was no way I was going to miss out on this.

We turned up and it is a very clean and well kept building other than the lift in our block not working but our flat was really close to the lift in the next block so it was all fine.

The way the accommodation works is that your room is in a flat and you share the open plan kitchen and living room area with the other people in the flat, there is 5 rooms in a flat, I don’t know if there are bigger flats but that is how many were in ours. We had a room at the end of the corridor in the flat so it was a little bit bigger than the other rooms.

The student accommodation I had stayed in before had a shared bathroom and toilet in the flat but we had our own en-suite bathroom so I was surprised and very happy with this. Our room had a very big wardrobe that included shelves, a huge corner desk, a little bookcase, a little sofa and an extremely comfy double bed.

The living room and kitchen area was a nice big room with floor to ceiling windows in the living room end of the room. You walk into kitchen part of the room, there is lots of counter space, a great oven, lots of cupboards, 2 tall fridge/freezers, recycling bins, sink and a table with chairs.

The living room part has a 3 seater and 2 seater sofa, a coffee table and a small tv. My husband and I had our dinner in there each night watching tv as I plugged in my Amazon Fire Stick so that we could catch up on our tv shows.

We only saw a few of the other people that were staying in the flat and they seemed really nice. One was a Scottish gentleman who had been staying there for a few months as he was working nights in a nearby town. He said that there are a few other people who aren’t students that stay there as it is quite cheap and the facilities aren’t that bad for the price.

They have pretty good wifi as well, you have to create an account but then it free for the first week, you only start paying if you stay longer than a week.

They have a huge laundry room with big washing machines and tumble dryers. It’s £2.60 to use the washing machine and £1.10 to used the tumble dryer. You can’t use money, you have to get a payment card which you can get from reception, you then need to go online to activate and top it up with money. The lady on reception told us it could only be done online but there was a machine in the laundry room to top up cards, maybe it doesn’t always work.

The nearest supermarkets are only a 2 minute walk away, they are Asda and Lidl so you don’t have to go far for food. Both have car parks if you get a big shop.

If I ever go on another trip to south Wales, I will most definitely being seeing if there is a room available here.