• suzytheexplorer

New Years brunch in Turtle Bay

As a lot of you know, I love Turtle Bay in Crawley and seeing as I was staying with my parents over New Year with my husband Sean, it was only right that we had a few in Turtle Bay.

The difference this time was that they haven't long launched the Bottomless Brunch which is any meal from the brunch or burger menu and then unlimited cocktails for 2 hours. Now, I love a cocktail or 2 so this was perfect for us.

We booked for New Years Eve at 12 noon as we were planning on being home in the evening with my parents for midnight and it was the best time to cook as the lunch time rush hadn't come in yet. WE basically had


I ordered the hot chick burger

Sean - shack stack burger


Sweet potato fries

Cheesy jerk fries

Dirty curry fries

Round 1

Me - Jumbled Julep

Sean - Beachcombers Zombie

Round 2

Me - strawberry daiquiri

Sean - same again

Round 3

Me - Mai Tai

Sean - long Island

Round 4

Me - electric boogie (got video)

Sean - Beachcombers zombie

Round 5

Me - koko kolada

Sean - rude boy

Round 6

Me - white Caribbean

Sean - same again

Round 7

Me - guilty pleasure

Sean - wray sour

Round 8

Me - funky Kingston

Sean - buffalo soldier

Round 9

Me - bahama mam

Sean - rude boy

Round 10

Me - white Caribbean

Sean - same again

Round 11

Me -

Sean - Beachcombers zombie

Round 12

Me - guilty pleasure

Sean - same again