• suzytheexplorer

An exciting day at the American Museum of Natural History

I don't know where to begin about how amazing this place is. I loved every minute of it and would gladly do it over and over again if I had the chance.

I got to spend most of a day here during my trip to New York in January 2020 and I had the best time.

You have to get there a bit early as we got there about twenty minutes before it opened and there was a huge queue already.

The staff are very organised as they are obviously used to dealing with a lot of people. They were walking up and down the queue before opening making sure that we all knew which line we needed to get into once we had gone through security.

When you first get inside you are greeted by huge dinosaurs skeletons and you are sorted into queues depending on if you have purchased an attraction pass, pre-booked a ticket to the museum or need to pay. The have exhibits that you can go into on the way round but you need to pay for an extra ticket to those or you will not be allowed in.

I'd highly recommend picking up a map as the museum is huge! I was there for for 4 and a half hours and I don't think that I saw everything. Here is the map from the website that I downloaded so that you can see what I mean. Plus, there are 5 floors to work your way around so a map is a must have.

Download PDF • 1.88MB

My absolute favourite part Milstein Family Hall Of Ocean Life, it was amazing and I'm not just talking about the 94 foot long blue whale hanging from the ceiling. I could have stayed in there all day looking at the displays and just looking up at the beautiful whale.

The models of the animals are just outstanding, standing there looking at them, it honestly looks they will move. They are so incredibly life-like that I think that if you stood up close to the glass and pretended that people weren't around you, you would feel like you are looking at real animals.

There are a few parts that are interactive

There is a food court on the lower level but it is quite expensive because the buffet food is charged at $3.75 per 1/4 pound, so don't go in and stack up your plate or you will get a shock at the till. They do have a good variety of hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks so there is plenty to choose from.

You can take your food with you but you have to carry them with you, you can't put them in a bag and then put it in the locker room, it must always be with you.

I would highly suggest having drinks bottles with you as it can get really hot in some of the exhibits with the amount of people in them and there are water fountains as you walk around that can also be used to fill up bottles.

There is something for everyone here, dinosaurs, land animals from all over the world, creatures from the ocean, different cultures, meteorites, inside the human body, plant-life, history, cavemen and so much more. Every new exhibit was like walking into a new world to explore, every turn was a new adventure.

I will most definitely be spending the day here again the next time I go to New York.