• suzytheexplorer

Nandos After Lockdown

One of my favourite restaurants that I have been waiting to reopen after lockdown is Nandos. I'm a huge fan of spicy chicken and their peri-peri sauce is just awesome, so when my best buddy Amy asked me if I fancied a trip to Bluewater for some shopping and dinner, I straight away suggested Nandos.

You can't book a table so what you need to do now is go to the restaurant that you want to eat in and scan the QR code at the front of the restaurant. This will bring up the website for the virtual queue. You have to put in contact details and then when your table is ready, you will get a text message. You need to click the link in the text message to confirm you are on your way back to the restaurant and they will hold your table for 10 minutes.

I think this is great because it means that you don't have to stand outside in a queue waiting for a table, you can go and do some shopping. In the first text confirming you are in the queue includes your waiting time so you have a rough idea of when you should start making your way back.

When you get back to the restaurant, you are shown to your table. They are sticking to social distancing rules by not using all of the tables and booths. Every other table in our section was covered so that no one sat on them and every other booth was roped off too. It is a little strange having people sitting so far away from you but at least we know the restaurant is keeping us as safe as possible.

Ordering food is completely different, in order to stop people from walking through the restaurant all the time, you now scan the QR code that is on a sticker on your table, this will take you to the Nando's website to see the menu so that you can order and pay for your food online. No need to go up to counter at all and you get an email with your receipt Then all you have to do is wait for them to bring your food and drinks out to you. I think it's a great idea so that customers can just stay in their seats unless they want to use the toilet.

For our starter we shared the Halloumi sticks and dip, the mains don't usually take long to come out but we'd worked up a bit of an appetite walking around lol. They were super yummy, cooked perfectly, just wish there had been more of them.

For my mains I had 10 chicken wings in extra hot sauce, peri-salted chips and a corn on the cob and it was AMAZING!!! I know I can buy the bottles of sauce from the supermarket to put on chicken but it is not the same as having it flame grilled in a Nandos. So juicy and full of flavour. Yum yum yum.

I love the peri-peri salt on the chips, they always put loads on which is what I like lol.

I usually have one of their bottles of hot sauce on the table for my chips but they now have the sauce in little packets, I guess this is easier than lots of people touching the bottles and the staff having to keep cleaning them.

All in all it was a brilliant meal and we had a great time. I can't wait to go again, especially seeing as I've heard that Nandos are one of the restaurants in the new Eat Out To Help Out government scheme to help restaurants.