• suzytheexplorer

‌My Stay At The Mitsis Summer Palace‌

We stayed here in the middle of October which is right near the end of the season.

This hotel is huge and besides a tummy bug that was going round the guests, we actually had a brilliant stay.

We were upgraded to this hotel from the Family Village because they were closing early due to there being hardly any guests.

Myself, my husband and a family were the only ones left so that’s why we got the hotel upgrade along with free minibar and a silver Mitsis wristband meaning that we could also go and eat at the next hotel up which was the Nordis hotel but we could go to the big expensive Blue Domes hotel. All we had to do was pack up our bags and leave them in the room as they would be collected for us. Then when we were given the ok, we walked down to the other hotel and checked it. Our bags were waiting for us in reception. Believe me when I say there was no complaints haha.

We had a room in the main building, there were lots of other rooms in the main building as well maisonettes and standard rooms that were out the front and to the sides of the building.

The room was smaller than the one we had at Family Village but it did have a balcony that overlooked the sea, it was a totally amazing view, loved it so much.

The bathroom was huge with a lovely bath/shower, large counter with the sink and a big mirror and a toilet. You can’t put toilet tissue down the toilet as a lot of the plumping pips are small and old so the is a bin in the bathroom to put your used toilet tissue. It gets taken away each day with the maid service.

The only problem we had with the bathroom was the first day when I had a bath after being in the pool.

I pulled out the plug to let the water run away and we heard a gurgling noise. All of a sudden, there was water coming out of the drain in the floor next to the toilet. We phoned down to reception straight away and a maintenance man was up to our room within minutes to sort it out. Once he was done, there was no further problems.

There are 2 big pools at this hotel, there is the big outdoor one which is sea water and then the indoor pool which is normal swimming pool water. The outdoor pool has a little Italian restaurant next to it where you can get food, drinks and snacks during the day and then becomes a proper restaurant in the evening. There is a walkway and a lift to go down the beach from here as well.

The indoor pool is meant to be adults only but when there was no one in there, the kids would go in, I didn’t see any harm in it seeing as it had proper swimming pool water and not sea water. There is a bar, a pool table, a little stage, a little jewellery shop, a balcony, a shop and a lift down to the outdoor pool around the pool.

The souvenir shop and jewellery shop aren’t always open towards the end of the season so keep an eye out for signs in the windows. There is some lovely bits of jewellery that you can buy, my husband actually brought me a nice little keep-sake ring from here. The souvenir shop also does a few snack bits, towels, sun cream, etc as well as the usual souvenirs.

There is a laundry service but it is quite expensive so what we did was go down to the souvenir shop, brought a little box of washing detergent, washed our clothes in the bath and then hung them up or pinned them on things on the balcony. They dried so quickly and came out lovely and clean.

When you come out of the lift at the bottom, there is a little pool that I think was a Jacuzzi and a few sun loungers. It was just a nice little area if you didn’t want to be around the big pools with everyone else but you do get the occasional person going in or out of the lift and there isn’t a bar.

The Summer Palace end of the beach has a lot more space but you still use the same bars and pizza hut if you want any food or drink.

Just like at Family Village, there is a bus that takes you into Kardamena but the bus stop is right outside reception so you don’t have to go far.

There are 3 restaurants onsite, the all-you-can-eat buffet as part of the all-inclusive option, the Italian one by the outdoor pool and then a Greek one which is down on the beach. The last 2, you can only go to if you have made a reservation at reception. You can eat at either as many times as you like but you have to make a reservation, they get booked up quickly so try to book yourself in as soon as you can. The Italian one was our favourite, we eat there twice and the food was amazing. The pizzas are cooked in a proper stone oven and all the food tastes freshly made. The Greek restaurant was really nice, it’s all glass so if you can be down there where the sun is setting, it is a beautiful view over the sea. The big main all-you-can-eat restaurant is huge and you can even sit out on the balcony if it is open. The food is all spread out and there is a lot to choose from but we noticed that towards the end of our stay, we were getting the same food every day. I think it was because they had made a lot of the food in bulk and as it was coming to the end of the season, they didn’t want to make anything else in case it was wasted.

The WiFi is free for 2 hours, then all you have to do is log back into it and you get it for free again. It works best in the reception and bar lounge but because of this, it is where everyone is and it can be very slow. We were lucky because we could sometimes pick it up in our room as it was directly over reception. You can pay to have the premium WiFi but this can be costly.

The architecture of the hotel is very luxurious, it was so lovely with lots of blues and whites.The light fitting where very grand, they looked like leaves and plant life.

While we were there, there was a really bad stomach bug going around the guests. The people in the room next to us had it when we arrived and it slowly went round all the other guests. I came down with it on the Thursday but seemed to get better by Friday night but then my husband came down with it on the Saturday which is the day we were leaving. We had to check out of our room at 12pm but we wasn’t being picked up until 7pm so I went to reception to ask if we could have the room for longer as I’d remembered seeing a posted saying you could extend your stay by a few hours but had to pay. My husband was so ill that I didn’t mind paying the charge so that he could stay in our room and sleep. When I spoke to the man on reception, I explained about my husband and he asked me to wait a moment while he spoke to the manager. When he came back, he said that we could have the room free of charge which I thought was so nice of them.

The staff were always brilliant, we loved them all because they always went that extra mile for you. A little tip for you, learn some basic Greek, it will go a long way with the staff. My husband learnt a few bits for when he went up to the bar and one of the barmen actually started bringing us fresh drinks when we needed them instead of us having to go to the bar.

I would gladly stay here again, it was a lovely stay.