• suzytheexplorer

The ‌Mary Rose Museum‌

This place is out of this world!

I’m a big history fan so the Mary Rose Museum was right up my street and after seeing a documentary about it on TV all about it the exhibition and the progress they have made, I knew we had to go.

You need to pay to get in, you can either pay at the desk when you walk in or you can buy tickets online, I got our tickets on a website called Picniq as they were cheaper than paying at the desk. I didn’t have a printer to print off the confirmation but we were ok because we were asked to email the confirmation to the till.

There are 3 floors with the remains of the Mary Rose in the middle so that you can see it from all angles. There is a long walkway on each floor that goes along the ship and they have videos projected onto screens and the ship so that you can seen scenes that may have happened on the ship. At each end of the ship where you will get to see parts of the exhibit, there are little benches that have folders in the side slots. These folders show drawings and descriptions of what is in that area so that you know you haven’t missed anything.

There are stairs and lifts you can use between the floors so it is all easily assess able for anyone.

I loved the new exhibit pieces on the facial reconstruction and the work they have done to find out more about the skeletons that were found. It’s amazing that you can see drawings of what they looked like, where they were from, what they did on the ship and then a bit of their background. There is a little display for each crew member that they found remains for so that you  can find out about them and some of the items that were found around them. They even have a full body reconstruction of one of the full skeletons that they found, I thought that was just outstanding. They found out what illnesses people had, where they came from.

There are lots of interactive screens as you go around to that you can play little games and learn more about the ship, they are loads of fun.

They have live actors walking around in a few places that are dressed up in costumes that can tell you about the section you are in plus there is some staff walking around as well if you have any questions.

I would say that it could easily take about an hour and a half to two hours to get round the museum if you are taking everything in, reading all of the boards and using the interactive screens. At the end, you will come out in the gift shop and coffee shop so you can get a souvenir and then a chill out before going out to explore more of the Dockyard.

I highly recommend The Mary Rose Museum as a top attraction to go to if you are ever in Portsmouth.