• suzytheexplorer

Why I love Margate

One of Kent's best seaside towns that is great for the whole family is Margate. For decades people have been having days out or holidays to Margate, it featured in films and TV programs like Only Fools and Horses in the Jolly Boys Outing episode.

People can enjoy the large stretch of sandy beach which includes a huge sea water swimming pool and go into Dreamland and have fun on the rides.

As soon as the sun comes out, the beach will be packed with families worshiping the sun and playing in the sand. There are a few little places to get drinks and ice creams on the beach but you can take all your own food and drinks, we like taking picnics and spreading out on towels.

The sea water swimming pool is brilliant, there is a shallow area and then the further to go out towards to sea, the deeper it gets. It gets filled up when the tide comes in so it's always full and if it's really sunny, the water is lovely and warm.

The theme park in Margate is called Dreamland and it is amazing. It first opened in 1880 but it wasn't actually called Dreamland until 1920. It closed in 2005 but was reopened after a very long campaign by locals who wanted to see it restored to the happy amusement park that it had once been.

Dreamland has been a place of amazement for families for so long that I don't think I know many people who live in Kent and don't have a Dreamland story. My favourite story is when I went to Dreamland when I was 16 years old on a day trip with one of my friends. I'd just got my first proper job and wanted to have a wicked day out. We went on a huge slingshot ride twice, I think I have the video somewhere. Yes I did say video, an old VHS video of me and my friend on the ride lol. We went on one ride about 20 times because it went upside down, I'm sure it was the Looping Star. We eat far too much ice cream and donuts before chilling out on the beach waiting for our train home.

To get on the rides you can either buy tokens or you can buy a wristband that will give you unlimited goes on the rides. The wristbands are the better option and you can get them slightly cheaper by booking online before you go.

There are loads of good rides to go for all ages, the last time I went it was a big family outing including my 3 year old nephew. We was just going to get him a wristband but we soon found out that there were very few rides that he would be allowed on because of how short the little lad is so I brought a wristband to go on the rides with him. It's fair to say he had a much better time once Aunty Suzy got involved haha.

Dreamland is also the home of the oldest wooden roller coaster in the UK, the Scenic Railway. It was built in 1920, it was unfortunately the target of some arson attacks when Dreamland was closed but it was rebuilt in 2015 to its current glory.

There are a few places to eat along the seafront but I always head to the Mechanical Elephant, it's a Wetherspoons pub so the food is cheap and cheerful but it's good food.

The Winter Gardens, now this isn't a winter wonderland sort of a place, it is a big theatre that I for one has had the pleasure of going to over the years. It was built on top of an old fort and opened in 1911 and has been a venue for comedians, bands, beer festivals, dinner evenings, grand balls and so much more over the years.

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in, there is a Premier Inn right on the seafront next to the train station. I've stayed there and it was great, the bed was comfy, the breakfast was yummy and buffet style, the room was huge and we got a great view of the beach.

Getting to Margate is easy, the best transport to take is either train or car. The train station is more or less on the seafront and is close to everything so no need to get a taxi anywhere unless you are going to the Winter Gardens as that is a bit of a trek. If you are going by car, there are plenty of car parks but I would try the train station car park first as it's the cheapest. The 2 other big car parks will cost you over £10 for parking there for a day.

Margate isn't a big town but there is plenty to do and you will soon fall in love with it.