• suzytheexplorer

Maidstone nightlife

Maidstone may not be the biggest party town in Kent but we definitely have a great selection of places to go when the sun goes down.

Muggleton Inn (Muggs)

This is a Wetherspoons pub, it's a great place to start the night as they do lots of offers on drinks, especially their jugs of cocktails that are 2 for £12. It's huge as well, it's over 2 floors with a bar on each floor so plenty of seating and they also do food if you want some cheap eats as well. If you happen to be around when they are having a drinks festival, they have some drinks that are only £1.99.

Society Rooms

This is another Wetherspoons pub, (I know, 2 in our little town, bonkers haha) so they have the same drinks offers but it is closer to the train station so great to start off the night if you don't fancy walking down to the High Street. The main feature of Society Rooms is the huge outdoor seating area which is great in the summer. It's not as big as Muggs so doesn't have as much seating but it's still a nice pub.

Bar Chocolate

For such a small bar, it makes up for the space with a big personality. The have deals on their cocktails and themed nights that you can get dressed up for. They also run cocktail master classes before they open properly, I've been to one and it was so much fun, you have your own cocktail master showing you the ropes and you make the cocktails yourself before drinking them. You can check out my review of the master class.


Don't get this bar mixed up with Brenchley Gardens which is the huge park next to Maidstone East train station. Brenchley in on Jubilee Square in the middle of the town centre. Not only does it have a humongous bar that you first walk into but there is a massive outdoor seating area that everyone loves in the summer. So many people love Brenchley that it's been voted the best bar in Kent.


This is a bar that is above Brenchley, it has an indoor and outdoor bar with seating. They are a bit expensive but this is the only rooftop bar in Maidstone so if you want to get a drink with a view of Maidstone, this is the place to be.

Social Chill

You remember how I said that Bar Chocolate is small? Well, Social Chill is even smaller but it is fantastic and it is my favourite cocktail bar in Maidstone. My husband and I were their first customer many moons ago when they first opened and they let me be their cocktails tester haha. The staff are all awesome and you will have a wicked night, especially if you drinking cocktails haha.


This is one of the more expensive bars in Maidstone but you will have a seriously good time. I have been here a few times for Christmas parties and had a brilliant time every time. If you can book to get along for a Madame Mumu night then do it, everyone had such a laugh, the food was amazing and the show was outstanding!

Source Bar

I've been here a few times and it's always great fun, especially when they have the ska festival on as they take up the street outside with a stage, stalls and lots of dancing space.2

Druids Arms

Looking for a pub with an outdoor stage to listen to live music? This is the place to go. They have live bands on a lot and because the stage is outside, people can still enjoy the pub inside if they aren't there to see the band.

Market House

If you don't like the band that's on in Druids, the Market House is the other pub that puts on a lot of love music and after the refurbishment in 2018, it is now so much bigger as they now take advantage of the whole building. They have a great outside seating area upstairs as well, it's mainly used by smokers as it saves them having to keep going in and out of the bar. Plus, it's just a few doors down from Druids Arms.


Mainly a restaurant but they do have tall tables if you just want to go to the bar and they have a huge room downstairs which is not only available for hire but they also have club nights. They are a little expensive but the cocktails are super yummy and it is in the High Street so it is close to so many other places that you can go onto.


Lashings is about a 15-20 minute walk outside of Maidstone town centre but it is open until 6am. The bar is very small so when it's busy, it takes a while to get a drink so make sure you get a few drinks at a time to save you some time. They have some great indoor rooms that you can chill out in but they have also have a great outdoor seating area as well.


If you want a night of hilarious fun and steins a plenty, you need to check out Beirkeller. We've been to Beirkeller a few times and had an amazing time, especially on Wednesdays when they have quiz night because the steins are 2-4-1 on beer and cocktails so you have fun doing the quiz and get drunk on the cheap. Plus, they encourage you to stand on the stools to dance AND if it's your birthday, they get everyone to sing to you.

If you are feeling hungry after a night of fun, laughter and a few drinkies, Go down to the bottom of the High Street and find Pizza Hot 4 U. They do buy-one-get-one-free on all their pizzas, it's our last stop before going home on nights out because the pizzas are delicious.