• suzytheexplorer

‌My day in Mahón (Mao)‌

My mother and I came here for the day during our holiday and had a lovely day out.

We got to Mahon by bus from Arenal d’en Castell, which didn’t take long and it was only a few euros for a return ticket. The bus station is really big with buses coming and going a lot so make sure you know what stop you need and what times the buses are before you leave.

The town isn’t very big but there is lots of shops and little streets with cafes and a nice harbour that isn’t far from the bus station.

We went on a tour of the town in a car pulled train called the Mao Express but we were quite surprised by the tour as we kept going round the same roads. I know they want us to see the whole town but we would go down one road and got to see along one side of the harbour, then went back around to the same road and saw the other side of the harbour. We saw a lot of the town, some really lovely places that we wouldn’t have seen if we by walking around on our own. It was a very long ride and wasn’t all that enjoyable seeing as we kept seeing the same places and the seats were just wooden seats that were quite uncomfortable so I would suggest sitting on a folded up cardigan or hoodie like we did to make it a little more comfortable. The tours are every hour from 10am to 5pm and it was 7 euros for the full tour.

There is a beautiful big church called Esglesia de Santa Maria, it is absolutely amazing inside and it’s only a few euros each to get in. The status and the stained glass windows inside are amazing. It is one of those places were it feels so peaceful to be there.

When we were walking around the little streets, we found a lovely little restaurant to sit in the shade of parasols and enjoy lunch. It was called Txokoa and it was the perfect place for us to stay. The tables and chairs are in a big open space in the middle of a town square so it is a very relaxed feeling. I had a burger and my mum had a quiche, both were really nice.

We also went into a café called Coffee and Te, which does snacks and drinks, they are located just off of the big town square and opposite the stand for the Mao Express. I would highly recommend the mint choc chip milkshake, it is my favourite ice cream and they make it into a lovely milkshake.

If you go on the right day, the market will be on in the big town square near the bus station. You need to know how to haggle with the stall owners to get a bargain but that’s standard for most markets. There was loads of stalls when we were there, I got some lovely dresses which is hard for someone my size and a few little souvenirs.

Mao is a great day trip for anyone who wants to do some shopping and a walk around somewhere different for the day.