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‌2 Awesome Days At Madame Tussauds‌

This is definitely one of the London attractions that has to be done, it really is amazing how lifelike the models are in Madame Tussauds and you have different sections that you walk around.

I visited in August and December of 2017, the first on a Saturday and the other on a Sunday, both around lunch time and had 2 very different experiences. On the Sunday visit there was queues at all the doors, it was absolutely heaving with people everywhere. Little queues to get a picture with each of the models, although you do need to be a little bit pushy, most people will gladly push in front of you if you are waiting for someone to finish taking their picture.

When we went on the Saturday, there was hardly anyone outside, we got in more of less straight away but inside it was packed beyond belief. It was hard to move a lot of the time so just had to be patient.

Interactive Zones

Each section is an interactive zone where you can get up and close to each other models for pictures and some you can interact with.

The zones are:-



Alien: Escape

Fashion Week








Marvel 4d Movie

Star Wars

The Sherlock Holmes Experience

World Leaders

Spirit Of London Ride


Behind The Scenes

Professional Photo Ops

There are plenty of photo ops as you go around but there are also plenty of profession ones with a photographer that you can get done. You have the picture taken and then the photographer will be given a ticket. You can take this to one of the many photo stalls as you walk around or save them up until the end and then get one of the packages.

Alien Experience

Hand on heart, I was expecting more but what you do get isn’t bad. You have live actors screaming at you to run, things popping out of places and then its over. I was a little shocked when I cam out at the end as I wasn’t expecting it. I was in a queue for about 30 minutes when I went on a Sunday but when I went on the Saturday, it was closed because it wasn’t ready. Lots of people were annoyed and we ended up standing in a queue for about 20 minutes because there was too many people trying to walk around.

You can’t do this experience if you are under 15 years old, even if you have an adult with you. You also can’t do it if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, a nervous disposition or pregnant. There are lots of signs up as you are in the queue to make sure people know.

Sherlock Holmes Experience

This is so much fun, it’s an extra £5 but it is worth it as you go through in small groups and solve a case with the live actors. You start off in Sherlock’s living room, then you go to the docks, the morgue, you get on a train and then you are on the moors hearing the howl from the hound of the Baskervilles. The live actors are brilliant and make it also worth it. If you don’t want to do it, you are guided to a set of stairs that take you to the next part.

Marvel 4D Movie

This was fun both times, no matter where you sit you will have a great view as the screen is above you. You will get sprayed with water, get poked in the back, have blasts of air from in front and behind you and the seat vibrates. It’s lots of fun for everyone.

The Spirit Of London

This is a nice little ride where you sit in cars that look like black cabs. It goes through the history of London and lasts about 5 to 10 minutes.

I’d suggest leaving a good 2-3 hours to make sure that you see everything. You are made to hurry up or get encouraged to move on during the zones expect for Sherlock Holmes, Alien and Marvel because they are performance based zones, so you can take your time around all the other zones to see everything and take pictures with all your favourite wax works.

There is a cloak room that you get to from outside in the queue. It’s not badly priced either but you are charged per item.

Coats £2

Small bags £3

Large bags £6

Umbrellas £1

There aren’t many places to sit down on the way round so make sure you wear comfy shoes and take a bottle of water with you because even though there are a few little sweet stands as you go around, they are a bit expensive.

I'd love to go again and will keep an eye on any news about new wax works or exhibits.