• suzytheexplorer

‌The Awesome London Dungeons‌

I had the pleasure of going round the London Dungeons twice in 3 months back in 2017. I haven’t been since it moved next to the London Eye, to be honest I haven’t been in about 10 years but loved it when I finally got to go again.

I’ll try not to give too much away so that you still have some surprises when you get to visit yourself.

It is best to book tickets as you can get some good online deals if you also want to book other attractions.

When you get your ticket, you line up with everyone else inside the main entrance and then you go through in big groups.

While you are in the queue, you get 2 pictures done, the first one is where one of you in the stocks and then everyone else pretending to chop their head off. The other is just one big screen of the Fire of London and you are told to look scared. I love doing these pictures as they are so much fun and they break up the waiting time a little bit.

You then go along a corridor where there are glass displays with rats in them and boxes that you have to put your hand through the hole and try to work out what is inside. There are also little glass domes inside some of the glass displays so that you can take a picture to look like you are in the display as well.

You aren’t allowed to take pictures or videos while in the tour so keep your phone on silent and in your bag or pocket.

The Descent

This is a short one, you are just meeting the King’s jester and he’ll call people a traitor and talks to them, he’s quite funny. You then all shuffle into a room that is meant to be a lift. You hear a voice that says he’s going to cut the rope to the lift and then there’s lots of flashing lights but it doesn’t feel like you are moving or anything. I guess this is their way of doing a dropping lift.

The Tyrant – Boat Ride

I loved this, it’s mainly in the dark and you do get a bit wet but it is really fun. You are on your way to be executed so you are on your way to the Tower of London. One part that is in the dark also goes backwards haha. It;s so funny.

Guy Fawkes

This is in two parts, the first you are in the basement of the House of Parliament and you have to run from the guides, I say “run” but it is walk haha. Then you meet the man who caught Guy Fawkes talking about finding him and what happened to him. Make sure you hold onto someone though as there is a surprise.

The Torturer

This bit is one room but is quite fun and at least three people get picked on so to speak lol. Two will end up in cages and one will help the actor with the “demonstration” of the torture equipment. If you don’t want to get picked, try to stand near the back of the room, they always pick on the ones near the front.

The Plague Doctor

This is a great bit where you walk through the streets and then get trapped by the doctors. Be careful when you are walking around as there is water that gets squirted at you. I got squirted both times, the first I got water in the face and the second time was on the top of my head.

The Great Fire Of London

This one is just one large room where you have an actor who is the maid of the mayor of London during the Fire of London. She keeps telling you that the mayor says it’s safe so it must be but then things start blowing up and you have to get out quick. This is one of the only rooms that has seats so if you are starting to feel tired, do yourself a favour and find yourself a spot for a rest.

Sweeny Todd

I love this bit so so much, you go into Mrs Lovett’s pie shop and she tells you about the shop. Then you are guided through to the barber shop where everyone in your tour group has to sit in one of the seats and the lights go out. You hear the demon barber coming into the shop and walking around you talking. There are little puffs of air that come from behind you and you all get poked in the back, it’s so much fun.

Whitechaple Labrynth

This isn’t as big as it used to be, it’s just 1 huge room now and you are being told about the Jack The Ripper murders by Mary Kelly before she is called by a customer and she has to go.

Jack The Ripper

This is set in the bar of the 10 Bells pub where the barmaid tells you it’s been a year since the murder of Mary Kelly. While she is telling you about Mary Kelly, the lights keep going out as the storm gets worse, things start moving and then the barmaid disappears. There’s flashing lights and there is someone lurking in the dark.

The Judge

This is a funny bit, 3 people will get called up 1 at a time and get accused of things like having relations with a horse haha.

A Great Escape

This is just one room, you see a guy in a prison cell called Jack Sheppard who is the best escape artist ever. He realised that he is getting executed sooner than he thought and needs to get out as soon as possible.

Drop Dead

This is a fun ride, it doesn’t last long, you are raised up into the air in your seat and then dropped at high speed. They take a picture of you on the way down so remember to smile haha.

The Tavern

This is so awesome, it is a proper old tavern where you can have a drink to settle the nerves. You are given a token so that you can get your first drink for free which is a soft drink. There’s loads of tables and chairs to just chill out for a little while and there are live actors walking around that chat to you.

This tour is brilliant, it’s loads of fun for everyone.