• suzytheexplorer

‌London Attraction Tickets‌

If you are looking to visit London and want to do some of the big main attractions, check out London Attraction Tickets, the more attractions you want to go to, the cheaper it will be. There are 6 attractions that you can book through this website and they are the London Eye, Sea Life, Shrek, London Dungeons, London Eye River Cruise and Madame Tussauds.

You can get tickets for one, two, three or four attractions at a time. The first attraction you pick is the only ticket that you will need to pick a date and time for your visit and then you have 90 days to go to the other attractions you pick. After that, all you do is go on your desired day, go to the front desk, show them your barcode, they will scan it and print you off your paper ticket. You then get in another queue to go into the attraction, very straight forward and quite easy to do.

To buy tickets, you go to the website of the first attraction that you want to go to and click on the Ticket page, you can then pick what sort of ticket you want and which other attractions you want to go to.

Just so you get an idea, below are the individual prices for tickets and then the price to buy multiple ticket tickets together.

London Eye £24.30

London Eye River Cruise £11.75

Sea Life £20.40

Shrek’s Adventure £19

London Dungeons £21

Madame Tussauds £29

2 attractions are £40

3 attractions are £51

4 attractions are £55

When I got the 4 attraction tickets, I did the London Eye, Sea Life, London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds. All 4 come to £94.70 which meant that by getting the 4 attractions tickets together, I saved £39.70! If there is a group on of you, that is a massive saving. Plus, if you don’t get to do all of the attractions in the time you have, you can go back another day as long as it is 90 days from when you attended your first attraction.

I have done this twice and love how easy it all is to buy tickets and when you get to the attractions.

I’d highly recommend it