• suzytheexplorer

‌Lead up to the Road Trip‌

Hello there, Welcome to my diary in the lead up to The Unplanned Road Trip. Here you will hear about how we prepare for the trip.


New Car – we were planning on doing the trip in our Renault Scenic, Betsy, but alas, she has given up on life and will be heading to the scrap yard this weekend. #ripbetsy.

The good news though is that we have a new car, it is a Woltsvagan Passat that I have named Dougie, #longlivedougie! He’s an automatic so the driving part of the trip just became a whole lot easier haha.

Nottingham – Was messaging my sister last night about the trip as we will be visiting her at the end of the trip and she has given me loads of things that we can do while we are up there. Might need to try and get there a day earlier to fit more things in haha.


Trying not to plan – I’m not going to lie, not booking things is driving me crazy. I know some places that I would really like to go to but I am doing my best not to look into them too much as I will have to use all of my will power to NOT book anything. I’m very much a book in advance sort of person so you can imagine just how crazy this is making me haha.


Keeping the memories – I’m big on keeping mementos from trips and days out like tickets, menus, visitor maps, etc. So I’ve been thinking of something I can keep that will show everywhere we have been and I’ve come up with the idea of getting a map of the UK and drawing our route on it each day. Might even frame it afterwards with tickets and things stuck on it after we get home. I think that would be very cool.


Prepping the car – Seeing as I can’t plan anything for the road trip, I’m making sure that our car, Dougie, has everything that it needs. We have an electric pump to put air in the tyres, a tyre tread gauge and a new battery seeing as the old one died on us the other day. We use Euro Car Parts for all our car needs so I downloaded the app and I’ve been looking for things we might need. Looking at break down kits at the moment.


English Heritage – I’ve been thinking about signing up to English Heritage for ages as my parents are members but since my lovely Monsters over at Monster Voyage joined, it’s inspired me to sign up too. For a joint membership, the direct debit isn’t even £9 a month and you get free entry to so many amazing places around the UK. I’ll definitely be checking it out during this road trip to see what historic sights we can have a good look around.


Moving – We are getting ready to move house in the next few weeks so no time for researching anything for the trip. It’s a little bit sad but I will have plenty of time to catch up once we have moved and settled in.


Portsmouth – We were watching a documentary on the Mary Rose tonight and I didn’t realise that it was in Portsmouth. It looks so interesting that we have put it on our list of places to go. I’ve already looked up the tickets and it’s £6 cheaper by booking online so I have saved the website on my phone ready to book the tickets when the time comes.


Getting organised – Sean and I were having a chat over the weekend and decided that in order to keep the trip as super cheap as possible, we are going to buy a tent and stay at campsites. I’ve had a look and some of the campsites along the way are only £14 a night for a pitch so this trip could get super super cheap haha.


Camping gear – I have left it in the hands of my husband to research and find our camping gear while I stick to looking for attractions and cheap camp sites. We are such a good team.


Tent is ordered – After my lovely husband spent hours comparing different deals on lots of website as well as looking round camping shops, he has picked the tent we are going to have for the trip and ordered it. We are having a Swift 200 – 2 man pop up tent coming to us. Can’t wait for it to get here so we can try it out in the garden.


Ordering camping gear – we only have a few weeks left until the trip so we sat down and got some bits ordered. We have an air bed and some camping chairs on their way to us. Everything is starting to come together now.


Power bank arrived – I was a little worried about how to charge my phone on the trip as the cigarette socket in the car doesn’t always work so I ordered myself a solar charged power bank. It came today so I will be testing it out to see how it holds up over the next week. Don’t want to go on the trip and find out that it doesn’t work as well as I want it to.


Airbed has arrived – I’m no good with sleeping on the ground so I am so glad that the airbed has turned up. We don’t have a air pump for it but we are going to be using the electric air pump we have for the car tyres. Saved on getting all puffed out haha.


Cooking stuff – The toast holder and mess kit turned up today, very excited to think that I will still get to have toast in the mornings without burning the bread.


8 days to go! – Very excited that we are only 8 days away from starting the trip. I’ve been looking at apps that can track the trip so that I can see how many miles we’ve been. I want one that comes up in a map so that I can see all the places we drive through as well. I am testing out one called Trip Logbook at the moment.

Solar panel charger – the weather hasn’t been great here the last few days, lots of clouds and rain. I’ve had the charger on the windowsill at work since Monday at 9am and it’s still hasn’t charged up to the first bar yet. Little bit worrying but like I said, it’s been cloudy so hopefully it will charge up quicker when it is sunnier.

More deliveries – Today the postman brought me one of the blow up camping chairs we ordered and a light that we can hang from the ceiling in the tent. The chair apparently holds up to 270kgs and seeing as myself and my husband are on the larger side, it will be very interesting to see if this is true. 


New phone case – When I was in Kos last October, I had a waterproof case to put my phone in when I went swimming and snorkelling but because of the move, I have no idea where it has gone. So, I got myself a new one as I’ve heard of some great places to go snorkelling on the trip.


Stove has arrived – My lovely gas stove and the canisters have arrived today. So excited as this will save us so much money because we will be able to cook for ourselves. It won’t be anything special but it will be cheap and quick to cook. So lots of dishes based around baked beans, pasta and noodles. We will be eating out sometimes as well but that will be as treats.


My chair – We phoned the people that we ordered our chairs through because mine still hasn’t turned up even though it is exactly the same as my husband’s, only to be told that it isn’t in stock and they don’t know when it will be. I had a moan saying that no one has told us it’s out of stock, if we had known I could have ordered a chair from somewhere else. Not happy with the lady’s response so we cancelled the chair and called my mum who has a spare camping chair I can borrow. Good old mum, always comes to my rescue haha.


One day to go – Can’t believe we leave for the trip tomorrow night. It’s come around so quickly. I know we are only going to my mum and dad’s for the first night to pick up some camping gear and be that little bit closer to Portsmouth but it’s still the start of the trip and I’m very excited.

Last few bits – Spent the evening double checking our stuff and going over my list of things to take. Also making sure that the power banks, phones and my tablet are charged up. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day at work but I’m hoping that I have loads of work to do to make it go quicker haha.