• suzytheexplorer

‌Eating at Le Four à Bois – Pizzeria à Villers Bocage‌

Myself, my husband and my parents came here twice during our 4 day stay in Villers-Bocage as we loved the food and it was the only place to get something to eat that didn’t close too early. The latest it was open was 9:30pm so as you can imagine, it was packed in the evenings.

We all tried different dishes but I especially liked the pizzas as they were done in a proper pizza oven.

I had the Americaine pizza and it was my favourite, tasted absolutely amazing, loved every mouthful.

My father had a calzone that he said was a little burnt on top due to the oven that they use but it was jam packed full of filling and it was delicious.

The portions are a little on the big side for pizzas and calzones but not to worry, if you ask, the staff will put your leftovers in a box for you to take it away.

They make the food from scratch as well, so no frozen food that have been defrosted. You can really tell by the taste and it is brought to you straight from the oven so you will never get cold food.

There’s not a huge menu but I think this is a good thing because I have been to places before that have too much on the menu and I can’t pick out what I would like to eat. Here is is very simple and easy to pick what you want.

The prices aren’t too bad either, considering the size of the portions and it is a nice friendly place to eat in.

It is a small place with lots of tables and chairs inside so it can be a little crammed when it is busy but you can sit outside if you want to, you only have to ask.