• suzytheexplorer

Lands End

Although the shops don't normally open from 10am, the actually site is always open. We turned up very early in the morning because Google Maps said the site was open from 7am but when we turned up, the only thing open was the hotel. I would of loved to have stayed at the hotel, can you imagine waking up to that view? Wow.

This wasn't a bad thing that nothing was open to be fair, it meant that there wasn't loads of crowds and we could go straight up to the famous Lands End sign to have our pictures taken. We had a look in one of the little stalls and saw that you can pay to have your own extra arm on the sign that says whatever you want it to say. I saw pictures of examples where people have had their family name or their home town with the distance on it as well. I think that's a brilliant idea for people who go there with their families, such a nice souvenir to have.

The views are absolutely amazing, like mind blowing amazing. I could have stood there all day just looking out over the sea and the rock formations but it was really windy and I had forgotten my hair band so my hair was all over the place haha.

There are plenty of things to do, there is a restaurant and some little shops to get souvenirs. I wish they had been open but I didn't fancy standing around in the cold for 3 hours. The big restaurant had a menu outside on the wall, it looks a bit pricey so I would suggest taking your own little picnic if money is tight.

They also have some great looking attractions for people to do as well which is the 4D Film Experience and Arthur's Quest. You do need to pay for these and from what I could see, it's best to book online to save yourself money.

They have the history of Lands End on one of the walls which we took the time to read and found it very interesting.

The only thing you will definitely need to pay for is the car park so make sure you take plenty of change with you.

For more information, check out their website