• suzytheexplorer

‌Chilling by the pool at the Kris Mari‌

We came here a few times during our holiday to use the pool. The deal they do is that you can use the pool if you are not a guest but you have to buy something and you can stay. So we used to get a big bottle of water or some cans of drink so that we could stay there for a while and then eat lunch there.

The pool is fresh water and it is not heated so if you get into it first thing in the morning, it will be very cold. It warms up a little throughout the day but not by much. It’s fine once you get in and get used to it. It was nice to have a pool that didn’t have sea water in it, I love swimming in the sea but sometimes I like a proper pool to swim in with fresh water, less stingy if you get some in your eye haha.

We found the staff really nice and chatty but we only saw the outside barman and maintenance man so I can’t speak for the other. Hopefully they are just as nice.

We spoke to a few people staying there who said it is nice to stay but they had had different experiences with the staff.

We only eat here once and that was when I had the chicken giro. It is basically a kebab but the meat and chips are wrapped in a soft round pita bread. It’s so funny, a little strange at first as I’m not used to having a kebab that way but it works!