• suzytheexplorer

Staying at the Kipriotis Maris Suites in Kos

We only had the pleasure of staying in the Kipriotis Maris Suites for a week but wish it had been for longer. We stayed in October so everything wasn't open as it would be in the summer months.

We were meant to be staying in Kardamena but our original hotel decided to close early and our travel agent, Claire Summers, worked her magic to get us an awesome upgrade to the Kipriotis Maris Suites. It wasn't in Kardamena but it was near Kos Town so we knew we would have things to do.

We arrived at about 9:30pm and had just missed being able to eat in the restaurant but a lady came out with a tray of juice and rolls. It didn't take us long to check in and then we were lead outside by a lovely man who took us round to our room on a golf cart.

Our room was 160 so we were in a junior suite in a building that overlooked the pool, bar and main building so it was less than a minute to walk there from our room.

The bed is huge, I'm sure it's a queen size bed, my husband and I had to actually roll over to each other for cuddle haha. It was very comfortable as well, I slept like a baby on that bed.

There is a bedside table with a drawer and area under it on both sides of the bed but only one of them has a plug and the other has the phone.

There is switches on either side of the bed for the bedside lights and to be honest, in the evening they are the only lights we needed on until we went to bed.

We had a little lounge area with two big sofas which doubled up as single sofa beds, a big coffee table, a little coffee table in the corner of the sofas and a table with the TV on it.

It was great sitting here to chill out with the TV on and the balcony doors open to let in a breeze.

The TV doesn't have many channels on it in English but you do get some American news channels to have on in the background. I did hear that one couple brought their Amazon Fire Stick and plugged it into their TV to watch programmes, wish I'd thought of that haha.

We had a lovely big balcony with a table, four chairs and a little washing line.

I loved sitting out on the balcony in the mornings enjoying the views before it became really hot.

We did have rain a few times while we were there but there are drainage holes to help the rain drain away.

The bathroom was a great size, lots of space with a sort of little bit off the bathroom for the toilet then a nice big bath with a shower, sink on a big counter and a magnifying mirror coming off of the wall.

There is a little bin to put the toilet tissue in as you can't flush it, the plumbing is old and the tissue blocks it. It is a little bit weird at first but you soon get used to it.

I did find it strange that the shower was in the middle of the bath instead of at the end as it was a little bit awkward having a shower but it's manageable. You can't adjust the shower so if you are tall, you will need to bend down a little bit. You can sort out the temperature through the bath taps before pulling the lever up and the water comes out the shower. It can be a little bit temperamental so once you have the temperature right, don't move it haha.

There is a desk with two drawers next to each other, a sort of storage desk with 2 drawers that are on top of each other and then a big space under it that is big enough for a suitcase, a huge wardrobe with hangers and a shelf in the top, a cupboard with the fridge in it but there is room for some smaller bags to keep them out of the way, 4 box shelves and a cupboard with 2 shelves so definitely plenty of storage. There is also two full length mirrors and then a big mirror over the larger desk.

There is a safe in the wardrobe but you need to pay for this at reception, it's best to let them know in advance that you will want one so they can have everything in order before you arrive.

There isn't many plugs around the room, I found four in the whole room and one of those had the TV already plugged into it so I was very happy that I'd brought a multi-USB charger or I don't think we would have been able to have everything plugged in.

The restaurant was brilliant, plenty of seating inside, a bar and lots of food.

There is two outside seating areas, the one at the front is just seating but the other outside area by the pool has a bar and a pizza counter.

Meals times are:-


06:30 – 07:30 Early Continental Breakfast 07:30 – 10:30 American Breakfast Buffet 10:30 – 11:00 Late Continental Breakfast


12:30 – 14:30 Buffet style


18:30 – 21:00 Buffet style


11:00 – 12:00

15:00 – 17:30

Snacks are usually a mixture of pizza, toasties, fruit salads and ice cream.

Midnight snacks

23:00 - 24:00

This is hot soup that is different every day and rolls.

They have theme nights sometimes in the restaurant for dinners, we had Italian, Asian and Greek while we were there. If they are having a themed night, it will be on a display as you go in the restaurant.

There is 2 pools, the adult pool and the kids pool. The adult pool is huge, I never once saw it packed, everyone had their own space. The only problem with it is that there is no steps to get into the pool, only ladders dotted around the pool so if you have mobility problems, you might have trouble getting in and out.

The kids pool is up by the bar, it is very shallow so perfect for kiddies. When it was empty, my husband and I liked sitting in the pool as it would come up to our chests and we could just chill out.

The wifi is amazing, no matter where you are in the hotel, you will pick it up and it's a brilliant signal. I think that during the summer months, you need to pay for the wifi if you want it in your rooms but for some reason, we picked it up all around the hotel. You can get the log in username and password from reception.

The bar by the pool is open from 10am but technically has two closing times. The bar closes at 11pm for people on all inclusive but stays open until 1am for people on ultra all inclusive.

The hotel offers Ultra All Inclusive, the only differences between this and all inclusive, other than a different colour wristband, is at the bar. The hotel bar opens two hours later, you can have the branded alcohol and you can get better cocktails and beers on the drinks list. If you want to get ultra all inclusive, you need to pay either for 7 days at 17 euros a day (119 euros for 7 days) or have the wristband at 19 euros per day.

The beach isn't fantastic, it is a strange mixture of sand, pebbles and what looks like dried up seaweed. Don't get me wrong, it is lovely if you just want a day away from the hotel but didn't want to go far. The sun loungers are free to people staying in the hotel so you can just chill out enjoying the views. There is a bar doing food and drink, but there are no alcoholic drinks, and it is open from 10am to 6pm.

The entertainment is every day except Thursdays and is table tennis, aquacise, killer darts, boccia, Latino fitness, pilates and yoga during the day and then something on in the evening at 9pm in the bar.

The evening entertainment that we had was singers, dancers, a music quiz, a TV and film quiz and bingo. It's loads of fun but be careful when you play the quiz's because the way you play is that they will play a song and when you know the answer, you put your hand up. If you get the answer right, you get a bit of a straw which counts as one point and at the end, the person with the most points gets a special cocktail from the bar. BUT, if you get the answer wrong, you have to have a shot of ouzo, so be warned haha.

If you need something to do during the day or have kiddies who could do with keeping busy for a little while, there is a set of stairs in reception that go down to a games room with pool tables and air hockey. They are all either a euro or two euros per game. This is also where one set of toilets are.

There is a kids club during the day, the room where it is held is right near the pool. There wasn't many kids at the hotel when I was there but the kids that were there looked like they were having lots of fun and then at 8pm every evening, they all have a dance around to some music in the bar with one of the kids club staff which you will know all the words to by the end of your stay like us haha.

Kos Town isn't far away either, it is 9 euros in a taxi which the hotel can call for you and it takes about 3 minutes to drive there. Or you can get the bus from the bus stop outside the hotel for 2 euros each way per person and it just takes 5 minutes. The bus takes you to the harbour in Kos Town but it is round the corner from the bars and restaurants so make sure you remember where you got off the bus as it is the same place that you will be getting back on. Just look out for the bus that says Agios Fokus on the display.

There is a timetable for the bus at reception so you can get up-to-date times.

I would gladly stay here again, especially if I want to be near Kos Town.