• suzytheexplorer

How To Stay Healthy During A Trip

We all love treating ourselves when we are on a trip to food or things that we normally wouldn't get or do back at home. Some people use it as an excuse to really pig out or generally go all out every single day with activities from when the sun comes up to when the clock strikes midnight. Each to their own but we still need to look after ourselves in order to avoid feeling ill and ruining the trip.

Drink lots of water

You need to stay hydrated, especially in hot climates, my dear old mum was taken to hospital a few days after we got back from Menorca because we hadn't drunk enough water in the scorching heat. If you don't like drinking water, try adding squash to give it some flavour or drinking fruit juices. Be careful with the fruit juices though as some have a lot of sugar in them. I usually have a big handbag on holiday so I now make sure that I have 2 small bottles or a 2 litre bottle of water in my bag.

If you are on a holiday with lots of drinking and late night, remembering to drink a pint of water before you go to bed (if you can remember lol) and then a pint of water when you wake up will help you get going again. If you aren't a fan of water, a sports drink like Lucozade goes down a treat as well when you wake up.

Eat fruit

Eating fruit is a natural way to keep your sugars up throughout the day as well as vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. A nice fruit salad for breakfast with fat free Greek yoghurt is a very nutritious and filling way to start the day.

Eat regularly

It's easy to get swept up in all the excitement of seeing a new place but eating regularly is important to keep you going. Make sure that you eat plenty of vegetables as junk food could lead to you feeling bloated and unwell.

Don't over do it

It's ok to have some chill time, in fact, I would highly recommend it. Just some time to sit and take in the world does everyone good. My husband and I like to make sure that we have chill days while on holiday. So one day we will be a day at the beach snorkelling or floating around in the hotel pool, then the next day we head to town for a look around or do on a day trip.

Book things in advance of travelling

If you are going to a big city, book attractions and tours before you travel and get express line tickets, this will save you standing in long queues that could stress you out, especially if it's hot, you're already tired or have kids with you. This is a particularly good thing to do if you are planning to go to theme parks, when we went to Orlando, we got

Check the weather

When you are packing for the trip, check the weather forecast so that you can make sure you pack the right clothes. You don't want to be out and about in scorching heat and all you have is thick shirts and jumpers. The same as being somewhere really cold and only having vests and shorts. Either could end with you getting ill with heat stroke or a cold.

Go on an open top bus

If you have a trip full of non-stop days, try to fit in a day where you go on an open top bus. It's a brilliant way of seeing everything that a city has to offer all while sitting down. Could always see it as a chill/sightseeing day seeing as you will be doing both. I always like to go on an open top bus, you see so much and the passes usually let you get off and on as much as you like if you see something you'd like to do.

Carry cereal bars

If you are going to be out and about being a busy explorer, keep a few cereal bars in your bag to keep you going until you stop to have a proper meal.

So there you go, a few simple ways to keep you on top form during your holiday.