• suzytheexplorer

Cocktails At The Hard Rock Cafe

This is my favourite Hard Rock Café that I have been to so far and not just because it’s in Universal Studios haha.

It is very centrally located between the entrances of Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure so you can’t miss it after you have gone through the main entrance and past all the shops.

You don’t have to eat when you go in, you can sit up at the bar like we did and just have drinks but the food that we saw brought out did look and smell lovely. The bar is in a huge circle near the front doors and has a pink Cadillac rotating above it.

My favourite bartender is Birdie, I absolutely love her, I hope she is still there. There are so many cocktails to choose from that I was finding it hard to pick what to have, a 2 minute conversation with Birdie and she picked out some amazing cocktails for me. She definitely knows what she is doing. All of the staff are great, we spoke to a few and got great tips for getting round the park and things to do.

If you like to get souvenirs, you can get a cocktail and a souvenir glass you can get a really good deal, my glass was only about $10 more with the cocktail. Plus you don’t get the glass you are drinking out of, you get a brand new one in a box from the shop when you leave as you are given a receipt to show the staff.

The cocktails aren’t as expensive as I thought they would be either and they have a lot of alcohol in them so definitely worth the money. My favourite was the Hurricane, it has orange, mango and pineapple juice with Bacardi superior rum, Bacardi black rum, Armaretto and Call Grenadine. I love rum and fruit which is why Birdie picked this one for me and she got it so right, absolutely delicious. Bahama Mama is a really good one too, it has Bacardi superior rum, Malibu coconut, DeKuyper Crème de banana, pineapple and orange juice.

There is some really amazing music memorabilia, I could walk around it all day just looking at the walls.

There’s no time limit to stay there as long as you are still buying drinks and or food, we were in there for about 3 hours drinking cocktails. Could of stayed longer but I was a little bit tipsy from the cocktails and we had plans for the evening.

We went to the Universal Studios 3 times over our holiday and we just had to pop in here on each visit. It’s nice just to chill out for a little while, talk to people and have a few drinks.